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help hot smelly feet

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Agz, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Agz

    Agz New Member

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    Does anyone have a problem with hot feet during the day and they smell bad? I’ve tried many things, different socks, new shoes some expensive...I shower everyday, soak my feet in all sorts used Epsom salts, black tea, lavender oil? Change my socks through the day but they’re still the same. I told my doctor she advised to try magnesium but nothing has helped. We have cold winters here but my feet are always hot. It’s very hard to get rid of the smell and does not make it easy to go to work everyday
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Active Member

    You seem to be trying most of the recommended advice ... not sure there is anything more that can be added.

    You could keep doing it all and try the "odor eating" insoles. They don't really "eat" the smell, but just absorb a lot of moisture. On there own they often not that effective, but combined with everything else you are doing, it may be enough.
  3. HanYumi

    HanYumi New Member

  4. Nailvarnish

    Nailvarnish New Member

    Socks: indeed merino wool socks or other very good drywicking socks

    Shoes: geox, or make sure it’s breathable shoes like leather

    Insoles: Cedar wooden soles

    Then ask yourself if this is a bacterial overgrowth, fungus or sweat problem. Best to always check with a dermatologist!!

    Bacterial overgrowth: You can check if fucidin lotion (note it’s a medicine, don’t overuse) can help you. Sometimes anti acne lotion can help such as clindamycine or benzac 10% . The bacterias causing zits can sometimes be same bacetrias causing smell. Do please check a dermatologist before proceeding with these lotions

    Fungus: check for topical antifungus like clotrimazole . Again, check with dermatologist.

    Sweat: Apply strong anti perpirant (15–20% aluminium chloride), iontophoresis with glycopyronium bromide, surgery only if you have plantar hyperhidrosis (lumbar sympathetomy)

    Wash your feet atleast twice with Hibiscrub!!!!

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