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How a Student Lost Her Foot Phobia with Hypnosis Therapy Atlanta

Discussion in 'Foot Health Books' started by Pure Hypnosis, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Pure Hypnosis

    Pure Hypnosis New Member

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    When I was in Atlanta at a conference put on by the National Youth Leadership Forum at Emory University was making a presentation about sixty or so young people into group hypnosis as a profession. I had helped a number of people to get rid of unusual fear, and one of the young women in the audience stood up and said he explained that an unusual fear. Then I insisted right then and there to help him with it.

    Depending on the room had to use the remaining time before another group, just a short bit because I was there, he hesitated. However, he was insistent. So, the logical question that I just asked what scared? Answer someone touched her with his feet, he was alarmed.

    People fear is one of the most effective ways to eliminate or phobia trigger multiple times to run backwards thinking in his own mind. Fears neurological response pattern and pattern running back does not this work is to mix it up pattern. So, anyone out before the beginning of a young lady had made a move to touch her feet touched the back foot from the panic that image / idea had run. It a few times (it takes some repetition to establish new model) after she had done it I feel a little better.

    Then click "back" foot "is? It 'teeth' happening. Then I comically exaggerated voice shouted," Oh no, she told him! Teeth! "And he began to laugh. Perhaps he had laughed at the idea of touching with one foot was the first time ever. Until then, I feel much better about the young lady" teeth! ".

    However, let us know in no uncertain terms he was not finished with me fear him, and he insisted me to come up to the front of the room to eliminate the rest of it. Time was running out, but I agreed. So I walked up to me in hypnosis Atlanta provides guidance it into just a few seconds, he shook hands with him in a special way.

    As completely solved the fear of being touched by the feet, I gave him instructions to remove the subconscious just hand side of the hand at the same rate, hypnotized, he was suspended so there. He slowly raised his right hand in his face for about ten minutes, the young lady's tears trickled down her face, and the room was absolutely silent and perfectly still so young sixty, was trembling.

    The next group of early arrivals began to filter into the room and the young lady's hand was only half a face. It would not have enough time to complete the transaction in front of her room. So, she came back to her normal conscious state and then in the evening I did what you have to do for the rest of their time at the unconscious level of finish and gave the young lady subconscious instructions in their own way.

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    Then I got an email a young lady about a week. As she later wrote that she was sitting on her computer at the beginning of the evening, he took the hairbrush, and it got stuck in his arm raised toward the hair. It does not go all the way and he knew not quite finished ridding himself of the fear he touched her feet. Later that evening he was able to brush their hair normally.

    After a young woman wrote that she decided to go into psychology and hypnotherapy practice as a career. He is now completely free of her old fears. Just it took a little hypnosis.
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    Oh wow! I've never seen anything like this! very educational nd informative, Thanks!

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