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How long after a foot fracture can I expect pain on walking?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by KMC, Aug 3, 2009.

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  2. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Tomorrow is my 8 week visit to the foot Dr. 8 weeks ago, I fell 15 feet onto concrete and fractured 4 metatarsal bones 2,3,4 and 5. I also had two bone chips. Doc told me to stay off my foot, where the boot, ice and rest. I went back to work that afternoon. I'm self employed and cannot afford to not work (contractor). Doc said my healing time would be longer than average (6 weeks) because I was walking on it. I would wrap it tightly and slip on my shoe. Hurt like hell for five weeks. Week 6 it felt better (80%). Week 7 it's at about (90%) with little pain. Tomorrow he is to take x-rays and hopefully it is good news. I ran (literally) around this evening with my kids and I felt like I had limitations as to weight on the outside of my foot. I really can not wait to be able to run and not feel any limitations. The pain is a 1 out of 10, but the foot muscles feel tight.
  4. Jean

    Jean Guest

    Over the past few years, I have had stress fractures of metatarsal 2-5, in a boot many times for months and they just don't health. I have RA, my big toes are fused together and I now have many hammer toes and massive bunions. Orthopedic doctor wants to do surgery. Has anyone had similar surgery?
  5. Louise

    Louise Guest

  6. Louise

    Louise Guest


    I realise it's been such along time since your fracture but I'm 9 weeks into mine now and I've been told to start putting weight on it. He's told me to wear the boot outside but I walk much better without it. I am down to 1 crutch but it's slightly painful and was wondering is that normal or am I moving too quickly. How long did it take before you where fully recovered? X
  7. Louise hill

    Louise hill Guest

  8. Louise hill

    Louise hill Guest


    Just read your post from 2012. I'm 9 weeks into a les franc injury and I didn't need surgery like you. How long was it before you could weight bare and from starting to weight bare how long did it take you to come off crutches completely ? How you fully recovered xx
  9. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

  10. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Does your feet swells up? I am 6 weeks post op. But my feel swells up a lot.
  11. kristisv3

    kristisv3 Guest

  12. James Walker

    James Walker Guest

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  13. Ash

    Ash Guest

    Hi! I broke my fifth metatarsal at the base, non displaced 6 weeks ago. Knew it was broken because I heard the snap! Went to hosp within a few hours, was give non weight bearing cast and crutches for five weeks! What a nightmare, though I do have very masculine looking shoulders now! 4.5 weeks later cast was off, told to full weight bear! Bought stiff soled shoes and and trainers for outside and crocs for inside.Limped heavily for first week but Walked for a a few hours everyday and week 6 am walking almost normally! Have been doing exercises, eating super healthy, no caffeine or smoking, drinking carrot juice, having raw calcium, Greek yoghurt and heaps of fruit and veg and zero painkillers. This was a non eventful episode and I know it's different for everyone however maybe this will give someone some hope. All the best to anyone suffering. Not being mobile is very difficult and hats off to anyone who has to do it for any period of time. Hang in there :)
  14. Jesseelurf

    Jesseelurf Guest

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  15. ghh

    ghh Guest

    I had surgery roughly 6 weeks ago which involved drilling through the fourth metatarsal and gradually lengthening the bone which as it sounds was a painful process. We stopped the procedure 2 weeks ago where I had pins in place to hold the bone and I had these pins removed 4 days ago. Upon coming out of surgery I was told I could fully bear weight on the foot however I do not think the bone is fully healed, I began walking 2 days after my surgery which a pronounced limp and slight support of a crutch [more out of precaution than need] walking is very painful especially in the morning but according to my reading this due to the damage to the soft tissue surrounding the bone. I know each case is specific to the individual but I was wondering how long I should expect to be waiting before I can walk without the limp and less pain. [I am a freshers and this is making life difficult especially as I am now living on my own.]
  16. Danfran

    Danfran New Member

    I had surgery on my 1st metatarsal, bunion removal and other toe and tendon repair. At 6 weeks, after being non weight bearing, I started walking wearing the cam boot on my right foot and an even up attached to my left shoe just around the house. I used the motorized cart in Costco because that would be too much walking. I used crutches to assist walking for about a week and a half (7 1/2 weeks) and could walk unassisted at that point. At 8 weeks I finally put on both shoes and was able to keep my shoe on for short periods of time with putting them up to rest in between. By mid week I could walk around the block but very slowly! I've done it two days in a row now and can tell this will take time to add distance and speed! I was a speed walker and hiker before surgery! It seems as though there is pain occasionally at the point where I have a screw in the 1st metarsal and my tendons and toes get a tingly, burning pain after a few hours that only putting my feet up will help. I have been going to therapy 2x weekly and doing my therapy at home 2x daily. I'm a little impatient with how long it will take for my foot to feel more normal! How long(months) will this likely take? I could technically drive at this point but haven't yet because of the distance I need to walk if going to a store to shop. I'm not sure how bearable that will be! Anyone else have any thing to share with me?
  17. kevone

    kevone Guest

    You could at least spell check before writing this, the spelling is atrocious
  18. Fran K

    Fran K Guest

  19. Fran K

    Fran K Guest

    You are the first one I've seen on any foot blog to mention the 1st metarsal. I had major foot surgery to correct a deformity of the 1st metarsal in addition to a cheilectomy of the 1st joint, hammertoe and extensor digitorum of the 2nd thru 5th toes. Your description of how soon you could begin walking is about the same as mine, except after being non weight bearing for 6 weeks, pain in my Achilles and heel was bad but improved after about 2 weeks of therapy (twice weekly at PT and twice daily at home doing strengthening and stretching exercise. At the point where I thought things would never change, at about 2 weeks walking the pain subsided. I however am still having a lot of pain walking with its of the pain about midpoint where the screws were placed with the metarsal realignment. I can walk up steps but am very limited to short distance inside and very slowly. I stopped using meloxicam due to bad stomach pain, so now have more discomfort. I am optimistic about recovery, although I know this will take months. No hiking or speed walking for me for a long while. I have started pedaling the bike at the gym and hope I can tolerate the treadmill and eliptical at some point! Can someone tell me anything about what I am experiencing with the foot pain I have for length of time or any other comments?
  20. haras

    haras Guest


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