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How to properly tape for plantar fasciitis

Discussion in 'Video Clips' started by MikeInFla, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. MikeInFla

    MikeInFla New Member

  2. ricknamer

    ricknamer New Member

    Perfect - this is the exact reason I joined these forums. Trying to get back in shape after 10 years not working out and my feet are killing me!
  3. John DiMarco CPed

    John DiMarco CPed New Member

    Hi all. New to the site. Have great new instant pain relief info to share with all who know what Low Dye taping and why it works better than 99% of OTC stuff. Podiatrist, Physical Therapist all agree Low Dye will provide instant pain relief when applied properly usually by trained pros. Referring to new patented, one piece product easy to apply by anyone. If you are in pain or know someone frustrated by chronic PF attacks let me know and will provide more info. In meantime search utube for support the foot quick tape video.
  4. Shannon Dawson

    Shannon Dawson New Member

    Very informative, such a wealth of information on this site.

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