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I'm not sure if this is an ingrown nail or not? I need advice!! Please help

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Hml, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hml

    Hml New Member

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    IMG_0041.JPG IMG_0039.JPG :(So this began a couple weeks back I pulled a piece of skin back into the nail and hurt it. At the time I had no idea the damage I had just done. My to hurts with any amount of pressure applied. I have a swollen bump at the side of nail. It dries up and when I peel it off the fresh skin is there but it doesn't seem to reduce in size. I've been applying a treatment cream for infections but it just seems to dry the skin and when I try to peel it I end up hurting my toe more. At this point I have no idea what it is or what I should do... please help.
  2. TheresaG

    TheresaG New Member

    I think it's ingrown nail in your feet. I have read that ingrown nails grow due to improper trimming leaving a nail spike on the end. Since your feet seems to be infected now, you can soak your feet in warm soapy water for few minutes and then apply antibiotic or antifungal cream in the finger. Then keep the infected area covered with sterile bandage.
  3. Brian Bradshaw

    Brian Bradshaw New Member

    I used to have situations like these too. Especially when I was younger. I caused it myself, by cutting my toe nails way too short. I had to visit the GP and he cut a bit off my nail. This created more room and the problem went away.

    I still can't help cutting my toe nails too short from time to time. I just can't resist, because there's something satisfying about cutting them real short. I'm sure this is some sort of personal oddity of mine that hardly anybody understand. But it is what it is.

    Sometimes, the side of my big toe becomes inflamed like that, and I apply some Fucidin cream. Been using it all my life whenever there's trouble with my big toe. Apply Fucidin and a bandaid once per day for 2-3 days, and the problem is gone for me.

    Your situation is worse than mine, by the way. You may want to visit your GP if you can't get rid of it on your own.

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