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Intense foot pain over prolonged excercise.

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by noone1234, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. noone1234

    noone1234 New Member

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    Hello. I was about 200 pounds 2 years ago, only 5'6, at 14 years old. I always did some sport during one season of the year, but I was still really out of shape and unathletic. I had all the typical knee problems ( probably just due to being overweight ), but in particular had a really unique pain stemming from the bottom and sides of my feet. For just walking on a flat surface, my feet felt fine. But when it came to anything remotely intense ( even walking up 4 flights of stairs in my school ), by the top my soles felt like they were burning. And the only way it would go away is if I shifted pressure off one foot, to the other,to the other, while remaining at rest.

    I tried walking at a brisk pace for as long as possible and by the end the soles of my feet were actually numb . I'm not even joking. So I lost 40 pounds (160 now) , and the pain is still exactly the same, only it takes a lot longer to onset. I can jog 3 miles now and feel the pain about 2 miles in; I just pull through anyway because i'm not tired anymore.

    I just had wrestling conditioning today and by the hardest part we couldn't rest at all, so I was forced to stay on my feet, which of course the pain finally started and it was so bad I actually want to amputate my feet. When it gets that bad it doesnt even matter if i'm actually tired, it takes over and i'm forced to slow down and underperform.

    I have a medium-arch, size 8.5 wearing size 9 Nike Lunar converge. My blood levels are all normal. I dont have diabetes.
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  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    The numbness suggests that there might be something neurological going on. Suggest you get a neurologist to check that.

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