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Is this a Jones Fracture.

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Roger Robinson, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Roger Robinson

    Roger Robinson New Member

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    Link to Xray->

    I hurt my foot playing football the other day.

    I landed almost on the slide of my foot (but not quite). My ankle did not roll in fact my foot bent the other way.

    I hear a crack.

    In the past I have turf toe, and I have turf toe in my little toe (although being a little toe it hardly hurts).

    I have had a xray. I have a fracture in my fifth metatarsel.

    The X-Ray nurse wasn't that fussed and sent me home with a shoe / not a boot. She didnt seem to have heard that different metatarsel heal at different speeds. I have a phone appointment with xray - foot idealist on Monday.

    I had 2 xrays this one isnt great. Its more from the side.

    there appears to be 2 crack, but on the other image there was only 1. I never got a picture.

    Is this a jones fracture or is it in zone3.

    Im two days later, there is basically no pain unless I stand on it. I'm not sure it was that painful at the time, but the noise was horrible and I went into a bit of shock. I have not put weight on it in 3 days.

    Thanks Roger
  2. Roger Robinson

    Roger Robinson New Member

    Ok so I spoke to a nurse from Xray again. A consultant had looked at x-rays.

    she used the word jones fracture, and mentioned lack of blood supply, non-union possibility.

    But still not recommend a boot, (which I asked about). All I've got is one of those hard soled shoes.

    Does this seem right ?
  3. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Its a Jone fracture.
    As to recommendation re boot etc, get advice from a podiatrist or orthopaedic surgeon
  4. Roger Robinson

    Roger Robinson New Member

    "As to recommendation re boot etc, get advice from a podiatrist or orthopaedic surgeon"

    Well presumably I have and they dont recommend one.
    Can a Jones Fracture not require a boot ?
  5. Kickerz

    Kickerz New Member

    Sure is a jones
  6. Hanna

    Hanna Guest

    I know this is an old post, but I have the same thing and was put into a cast with no weight bearing and crutches and I see the orthopedic next week!!
    How did your healing go?
  7. Roger Robinson

    Roger Robinson New Member

    Hi with little pain but its taking a long time. I think it would have been better if I was treated the old fashioned way in a cast. Here is a full reply of mine from another forum.

    To give an update as people dont seem to. As I said I've had very little pain through out.

    Finally seen all the xrays in order.

    The reason I was not operated on to begin with is the initial (week 0) Xray seemed to show a hairline fracture in the Jones region. But it went pretty much the whole way through the 5th metatarsal.

    I should of been immediately given a boot. (I brought my self about a week later)

    I dont know why, maybe the swelling was holding it together? but by week 6 outer edge had opened up and gaped. (ie it had got worse) The inner edge was healing.

    (Another reason might be I have quite wide feet, my shoes are always pushing my toes in, I've actually cut out sections on running/foot boots before to allow my little toe out).

    By week 10 there was even more healing on the inner edge but not on the outer edge.

    By week 20 the inner edge seems to be pretty much healed from what I can tell, and the outer edge is now filling in with bone.

    So it appears a fibrous union can ossify given time.

    Its just taking a long time.

    To naomi44083, yes maybe a operation would have been better originally.

    But to be honest an old fashioned cast might have been best for me ! It would have kept the bones lined up and then the fracture should of healed quickly.

    The problem was for the doctors is there was no gap showing at week 0

    I have been back on my bike since week 10 with no pain.

    Since about week 12 I can cycle off road fine. I've not tried full on Mountain biking yet.

    Since about week 18 I can run flat footed with my kids.

    I've not tried to run properly on my own.

    Im also kicking a football around the garden tamely.

    Ultimately I want to return to playing football.

    Im not sure when or even if I can do this.

    The stresses from football will be of much greater magnitude than other activities I do.

    Im 73kg - 40 year old non smoking fairly athletic year old male.
  8. Roger Robinson

    Roger Robinson New Member

  9. Hanna

    Hanna New Member

    Thank you for your reply roger I'm glad you are starting to heal well, I saw the orthopedic yesterday and they took the cast off gave me a boot, but the orphepetic told me I have two options, one to get surgery straight away or see if it heals naturally, he also said I can walk on it and should try walking with my sneakers not the boot and let pain guide me seems weird but he was set on it.. so I go back in 7 weeks I'm walking pretty ok with a little limp.

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