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Is this foot fungus?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by NeedSomeFootCare, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. NeedSomeFootCare

    NeedSomeFootCare New Member

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    Hi. I have a foot problem. I'm convinced that it is foot fungus for two main reasons: a) I've had this exact problem previously and an ex-girlfriend of mine gave me a prescription strength anti-fungal mousse that she'd acquired from an aesthetician. It cleared the problem up within a couple of days. And b) it looks just like any number of examples of photographs of foot fungus you might find on the internet, only it's notably more severe. I've come here as a last resort for a second opinion. I have been refused a diagnosis by two health professionals without explanation. It seems the most obvious thing in the world to me that this is clearly foot fungus. Could I get someone to confirm? I have been unable to attach any images by any means - by uploading a file, linking to an image, or posting links. This is my first post. Please, if there's any way I could send someone images directly. I'd really appreciate an informal second opinion.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    They would have had a good reason for that. You should ask them!

    You should be able to upload images.
  3. NeedSomeFootCare

    NeedSomeFootCare New Member

    I'm afraid this original post was my first post here. This now will be my second. I need to post 8 more before I can embed images on a site like imgur, or post links to those images. And although I was uploading a png of less than 200kb, the post editor was not able to upload the file.

    Regarding your other observation, under normal circumstances you would be correct in assuming that this would be the case - that they would have a good reason. And, in point of fact, I have indeed asked them about it, on two occasions. I have deliberately not elaborated at length about the circumstances of my case here in my first post. I will be glad to explain a little further. First though, I just want an unbiased, anecdotal, non-medical, non-professional heads up from someone who might know if this does indeed look like foot fungus. This is the best I can do for now, as I live in a remote area and it's very impractical to get to a specialist for a second opinion. There is a very good reason that I am seeking out a second opinion online. This is not a solicitation of diagnosis or treatment. I just need an opinion.

    Just now, I've attempted to upload both a .png and a .jpeg, both under 200kb and the site returns an error message stating that the files are too large to be processed by the server.
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  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    email the images to me and I see if I can add .....[edited email out]
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  5. NeedSomeFootCare

    NeedSomeFootCare New Member

    Thank you kindly for being patient and willing to help. Everyone. Will do.
  6. NeedSomeFootCare

    NeedSomeFootCare New Member

    They will arrive shortly from my hightail account. It will appear from an email address other than the one I've used to sign up here at the forum. It will have my email address in the subject line.
  7. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

  8. Belinda Longhurst

    Belinda Longhurst New Member

    Hi, from the images of chalky, white skin lines and the previous reduction of symptoms when you applied a topical antifungal, I would say this appears to be tinea pedis (TP): an overproduction of dermatophytes, which form part of our normal skin flora. For a definative diagnosis, a podiatrist can take skin scrapings for microscopy and culture to identify the species of Fungus and whether it has colonised, but that isn't necessary if you want to try applying terbinafine cream daily for a minimum of 4 weeks and symptoms resolve, you will know it was TP! Just be aware that many people are prone to frequent bouts of TP, so keeping feet dry and applying an antifungal when needed is part of keeping the fungal load under control. We are actually meant to have a controlled amount of Fungus on our skin: it creates conditions difficult for some bacteria to thrive.
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  9. NeedSomeFootCare

    NeedSomeFootCare New Member

    Hi, Thanks for your considered opinion. As promised, you deserve a bit more of an explanation of my situation and my reasons for asking. Around 2 years ago, I was diagnosed diabetic. As part of routine checkups to monitor my blood glucose levels, blood pressure, etc, following the prescription of several new medications to treat diabetes, we checked out my feet one day. I've had ingrown toenails on my two large toes for quite some time and at that point they'd become fully what are referred to on the internet as "fungal nails".

    As I'd previously mentioned, circa 2007, my girlfriend at the time noticed one day after I'd freshly showered that my callouses on my feet were all gross and fleshy and pock marked. She immediately identified it as foot fungus and assured me it wasn't such a big deal - and, in fact, she just happened to have a can of antifungal mousse that she said would clear it up. And indeed, it cleared it up within a couple of days. We continued to apply it for about a little over a week and I did not have any problems with my feet, apart from the two slowly ingrowing big toenails, for years and years - until about 3 and half years ago, I begin having the callousing and rough skin that I attribute to "foot fungus".

    As a result of one of my checkups the attending diabetes specialist nurse that monitors my file booked me in with a visiting foot care nurse and a visiting podiatrist. The visit with the foot care nurse came first, and she trimmed my nails. did some grinding of the extensive callousing and then moisturized my feet. I related to her the anecdote about the antifungal mousse that I'd had such a positive experience using, and she expressed doubt that my feet were infected with a fungus with a great deal of confidence - although she did acknowledge that my nails were certainly fungal. She concluded the appointment by saying that she thought that she had a strategy to deal with my nails and would 'follow up' with me. Unfortunately, after just under 2 years or so, she has yet to follow up with me. I did confirm with the reception staff at the facility where I attended the appointment that there was nothing more I needed to do (like leave my name/number/health care info) to ensure I'd be seen again, they said no. Still, it seems I've fallen through the cracks thus far. I will do my best to initiate a follow up appointment as soon as possible.

    At a subsequent appointment with a podiatrist, I'm afraid the gentleman did not even get out of his seat to look at my feet before dismissing the notion that the extensive callousing might be related to a fungal infection. Happily, he was able to prescribe orthopedic shoes and boots to address a tiny bit of bowing I have going on in the ankles, but he was very dismissive of the idea of treating me for a fungal infection and not particularly interested in even investigating the possibility there might be one.

    I wouldn't want to elaborate too much more in a public forum. Supposing I continue to face resistance to getting this addressed, it may escalate to the point that I will need to write a letter of complaint to the ombudsman responsible for our jurisdiction.

    What I can say is I've definitely tried all of the over the counter remedies. I'll keep an eye out for terbinafine products, if any over the counter products exist. Also, I was reading about a powder by a well known consumer pharma company - I forget which one precisely at the moment - it's about the only thing I haven't tried yet. For now I'm going to try a consumer foot care product by Footlogix, but I don't really have high hopes for it as it's main 'active' ingredient is something called Spiraleen (circle R) - which turns out to be some fancy algae extract. It's not actually a medicinal treatment. As I mentioned, I think probably the best solution would be to seek out a podiatrist in another locale that has the patience and time to just hear me out and check and see (as you mentioned tests on scrapings) what I've got going on here and how best to get it cleared up.

    I'm left with the inevitable, maybe uncomfortable, question that I have got to ask: am I being unreasonable in suspecting that this is a fungal infection? The two health care professionals I've seen about the matter thus far sure seem to think so.

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