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Itchy Big Toe

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, May 21, 2009.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    Try using benadryl cream for relief.
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Same problem here. for only a few weeks, but it's not going away Very strange. I will try the ice, witchhazel, etc. and see if it helps...thanks for the ideas.
  3. Blesseddiva45

    Blesseddiva45 New Member

    My left big toe has been increasingly itchy, mainly at the plantar region. I often use objects to help relieve the itch but I get no relief. What I also found is that continuous itching also causes some swelling. I was later diagnosed with pre-diabetes with an A1c of 5.7 then it elevated up to 6.1. I do find that when I do not control my carbs, the itching comes back. So many of you who are experiencing the itch under your big toe may need to be get check for diabetes, specifically A1C levels. Good luck everyone.
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Having read most of the posts on this thread, this post by "7 years itching" makes the most sense to me and my itchy left toe. Crazy that scratching does not relieve the itch; it must be a nerve causing the problem. Ignoring the initial itch is difficult, but effective. Operating on the assumption it is a nerve-thing, I'm going to try direct pressure, massage, ice, rather than scratching it raw. I wonder if a cortisone shot would stop the problem?
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Solar Oil relieves the itching!! I think tea tree oil might also work.
  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Me again. I had a couple of itchy episodes 2 weeks ago two days apart. did not scratch the area, instead applied ice and will power and it stopped the itching both times. have not had a problem since. BUT, I have gone episode-free for a few weeks in the past so perhaps the condition is just in remission. sigh------
  7. Judy

    Judy Guest

  8. J-Toe

    J-Toe Guest

    I found this thread because my left 2nd toe started itching so bad it woke me up many times at night. Right by the outer edge of the toenail. I thought maybe I had an infection but I couldn't see any swelling. I scratched it so hard I got red bumps on my skin. I soaked a paper towel in apple cider vinegar and wrapped it around my toe and wore my slippers all day. This relieved the itching to about 50% and by the next night it had started to get better. Now it's hardly itchy at all. I know if it returns, I'm going to keep soaking it or wrapping it in the ACV because I'm convinced it's the only thing helping.
  9. Rina

    Rina Guest

    Wow, I am happy to know I am not the only one! I have been,dealing with this itchy right big toe for over 2 years! T drives mi absolutely insane! I am up,right now because I can't sleep, have to keep, itching, scratching, digging and running my foot against the rough carpet so hard i get rug burns. My feet and toes are kept neat and clean everyday, my left foot and 80% of my right foot are smooth as a baby's bottom! No lie, but my right big toe and about 2 inches of foot underneath are rough and dry from rubbing and scratching all the time!! Please someone find a CURE FOR THIS ITCHY INSANITY!!!!!
  10. Miserable

    Miserable Guest

  11. Miserable

    Miserable Guest

    Funny I am laying down putting pressure on my right big toe as I read your post... it's become a habit... pressure, dragging on a rough surface, crossing my toes to keep pressure, causing my toe pain on purpose. It's mainly the cuticle area on my right big toe where it's the worst, and my right thumb cuticle is a slightly 'milder' itch. It itches under the nails as well. Both cuticles are thick, white, and cracked, and red and inflamed underneath. I've had the issue since I can remember, and I will be 40 in less than a year. I recently have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, and I've not eaten wheat in over a year. I was also diagnosed with candida at the same time. I did the candida cleanse, and no relief. I am going to try a little of everything I have read on this post. I've read the entire thread since I have not been able to go to sleep tonight and am about to leave for work and stop at a drug store on the way there to load up on all the suggestions I can find there. I've been to physicians, dermatologists, and last year an allergist, and no one has been able to diagnose or treat it. Off and on for over 30 years that I can remember... being laughed at by medical 'professionals'... not very fun. After my second night this week with no sleep, something has got to give! Is there anyone who has switched shampoos to something that helped who can suggest one that's maybe eased the itch? I'm desperate and will try almost anything at this point! Glad I found I'm not by myself, because I thought I was crazy...
  12. Aylish Kelly

    Aylish Kelly Guest

    I too have an itchy left big toe! It's particularly itchy around the crease where it joins my foot. I have a fungal infection on my right big toe but there is no sign of that developing on my left big toe, and the fungal infection doesn't itch. Putting an ice pack on it helps but doesn't eradicate the problem completely. I just thought it might be because I can be on my feet 7+ hours without a rest at my work.
  13. Miserable

    Miserable Guest

    Went to my doctor... I've never mentioned this issue to the one I go to now out of hopelessness. I told him my many symptoms, mainly about my toe. He prescibed me gabapentin for nerve pain right off when I told him not to bother with steroids. He said it sounded like nerves firing and causing pain. I also had blood work done to check thyroid levels and for diabetes, and it came back that my thyroid levels are low. The gabapentin hasn't totally fixed the 'itch' yet, but it's subsided at night and I sleep all night! It has fixed a few other chronic issues that I've been very happy to stop having! I'm also experimenting with essential oils combined with coconut oil to rub on my toe and thumb. I start thyroid medicine in the morning. He thinks this should fix it... fingers crossed that I don't have to keep my toes crosses any longer so the damn thing will stop itching! What led me to thyroid issues was reading the reflexology chart comment. If there is pain where your big toe meets your foot, on the relexology chart that is the area for your thyroid. After 30+ years, I took that serious because it made the most sense for my situation. I have a laundry list besides just the toe. I'm just hoping it stops, and I hope this advice can help anyone else as miserable and sleep deprived as I have been my whole life.
  14. Debby

    Debby Guest

    My husband thinks I'm crazy, I have had a deep itch on the bottom of my right big toe, where it creases, for over 20 yrs. The only time it has not itched, was a brief time on birth control. I am constantly looking for something sharp to scratch it on, my kids are constantly embarrassed when, one shoe comes off and I'm scratching til it bleeds on some rough stone edge of a step or sharp metal corner of anything I can find. My husband refers to the "toe" as itchy -scratchy or "the thug" because I'm always positioning it to ether be scratched by him or scratch on him. Lol. It has been cut open, scraped open, etc and there is nothing there. I have to agree, the pain is more soothing than the itch. Every pair of socks I own, has a hole in the right toe. I have made amends with the fact that when I pass, I will still be itching the damn thing! Lol
  15. The bottom of my big toe on my left foot is itching like crazy. It has no sign of infection, it just randomly started itching. Does anyone have a remedy for me, IT IS SO ANNOYING
  16. Debby

    Debby Guest

  17. Debby

    Debby Guest

    Best post on here, totally relate to all of the above lol
  18. Victoria

    Victoria Guest

  19. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hello all , not sure of this has been covered in the previous chitchat from others, I did see some one mention that it could be a nerve issiue.
    Here's my story, 4 - 5 years ago I too and still suffer from this pinpoint itchy toe as well as and incredibly itchy anus. Especially when sleeping, Went to see doc and was sent away with fungal cream. I wasn't convinced tbh I did have a fungal infection on said toe so I used the cream there which eventually resulted it nail coming away. Fungal infection cleared but itch still remained.
    Fast forward to today I still suffer this itchy toe and anus but not as severe as before. I have learnt to sleep it a position that does not put pressure on my lower spine.
    Unfortunately a diagnosis came too late for me and I now have 2 slipped disks in my lower back bulging into the sciatic nerve running down my leg Giving me pain and tingly sensations ( sciatica )
    Get your selves down the gym and get your core sorted before you find your self with the pain of a slipped disk and sciatica too.
  20. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    the crease under my big toe itches too I think this is a sign from the illuminati and we all must come together and fight against the ones who aren't like us

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