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Itchy Big Toe

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, May 21, 2009.

  1. Michelle33

    Michelle33 Guest

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    My right big toe has been itching for a week now. It started on the toe next to it first. Then moved to the big toe. There is absolutely no signs of fungal infection. My big toe is now swollen to twice it's normal size and is really red. When it isn't itching, it hurts. My ankle and lower leg now hurt from walking on the side of my foot. Because my toe is so swollen, I can't really put pressure on it. I have tried the vinegar soak with no luck, I have tried Benadryl itch cream with again no luck. I have tried lotion, that helps for like 2 minutes. When I put my foot in warm or hot water it hurts like crazy for a minute or so. I am trying Lotrimin Ultra for the next day or so to see if that will possibly help, before I give in and go see a doctor. The itching is driving me insane and I too have considered cutting it off. Hopefully something works soon. I am soooo tired, literally. The itching wakes me up every couple of hours.
  2. RachelJ12

    RachelJ12 Guest

    I have the same right big toe chronic itch. It's so bad sometimes it wakes me up at night and keeps me awake for hours. The best solution I have found is holding an ice cube or an ice pack right on the sucker for like a minute. The itching mostly goes away and I can fall back asleep. I'm so glad I'm not alone!!
  3. I have qretty much the same problem but my left big toe is itchy and i cant stop it i have tryed every possible sollution i could find and nothing has worked it isnt athletes foot because its only where the nail on my big toe ends and it shows no signs of infection either so i dont know what is wrong with me the only way i can is put something kinda sharp beetween my nail and thats the only way it ever stops ive had it for 3 weeks and barely got any sleep because of it and ie even taken time of college when its really bad im hopefully gonna see a doctor about it in a couple days if i find a cure or something ill post it here
  4. Concern

    Concern Guest

  5. I have itchy toe at the tip of the nailbed on right big toe. Also same place on right index finger and right thumb. Also tip of tongue and both lips. Had this for 30+ years. Got an MRI will see if its a tumor.
  6. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    What u have is athletes foot I don't know about every one else
  7. Thankfully yours

    Thankfully yours New Member

    I read this last night as I was suffering for my second night of toe itch. I appreciated the commentary, but especially the suggestion to try aspirin. I tried Tylenol and ibuprofen, it also tried some Gold Bond anti-itch powder that I happened to have, and I believe the Gold Bond is responsible for my sleeping like a baby the rest of the night. I recommend trying it, because it seems to have killed my itch completely.
  8. janello

    janello Guest

  9. janello

    janello Guest

    Mine is exactly the same itch and started 2 nights ago. woke me at about 3 am and kept me up the rest of the night. My toenail area is super tender so it is extremely painful to rub or scratch. It started up again about 8:30 pm last night and hasn't quit. Someone told me it is my blood sugar. I take Metforman for weight loss in the am so I took an extra at bedtime. It seemed to help subside enough so I was able to sleep. Calling my doc today!
  11. I just got through bandaging my left big toe after scratching the whole bottom of my toe. I was beginning to think I was crazy, then I started searching online, and found you all. The itch isn't on the surface of the toe, it is deep so you have to put a lot of pressure to get deep. Feels so good, even if you're bleeding. Topical creams don't help. Its not athletes foot. I am a middle aged female if it makes any difference.
  12. twocents

    twocents Guest

    After 3 years of suffering from an Itchy right big toe I finally found a solution that worked for me. I tried this and my toe has not itched in days!! I used Vick Vaporub on it and now I finally have relief.
  13. Jenn

    Jenn Guest

  14. Jenn

    Jenn New Member

    I just staring to get itchy on my left big toe at the tip by my nail. I scratch it but It doesn't do anything. It does not take away the itch. When I do scratch I don't feel it I suffer from a deases called C.R.E.S.T which is part of my lupus. I have not idea what to do it drives me crazy! Once I can get to see my specialist I was wondering if any one had any ideas
  15. Pinkslippers

    Pinkslippers Guest

    Nerve problem, check for diabetes
  16. Art

    Art Guest

    I've visited this forum a few times over the last 2 years. I have a background in clinical medicine, but I'm by no means an expert in topics like this. Nevertheless, I'll try to distill what's being discussed here:

    1. There are several different kinds of issues all being lumped together as "itchy toes". These are not all the same kinds of problems.
    2. Some people talk about having a severe itch for a day or a week, along with maybe some redness, cracking of the skin, etc., while others talk about longstanding problems for many years, some of which have no visible signs.
    3. Some people have problems between toes, others on the bottom of the big toe, others around a knuckle, and still others near the nail bed.
    4. Some complain about one big toe, others about both big toes; some have issues with other toes, and some have problems with thumbs and/or fingers as well.

    My sense is that a bunch of posters just have some kind of fungus and don't like the itch. If it is a remote possibility you have a fungus, just get some antifungal cream, and cleam and dry your feet and apply the stuff twice a day, then put on clean white socks afterward.

    It seems some people might have some neuropathy or even gout. Any physician can figure out whether these might be the causes of your pain or itching. Neuropathy often affects people who have particular medical problems or have been treated with certain treatments. Gout typically affects older men and can be made worse by diet. Regardless, just see a physician if you think you fall into one of those categories.

    As for the suggestions that itchy toes are Raynaud's or Chilblains/Pernio, it's not out of the realm of possibility, but again pretty easy to diagnose, as there are physical signs of those things. See a doctor if you think it's a possibility.


    My concern is for a particular problem that a decent number of people seem to be experiencing. My 30 year old wife has this problem, and has had it her entire life. The problem is recurring itch of the big toes at a single spot - near one corner of the nail bed. The itching and discomfort is intense and interrupts sleep - most commonly starting when she begins lying in bed, but sometimes after a few hours. Her normal approach is to press hard with fingernails on the very small area that itches. The only treatment that works well for her is to cut off her skin, which makes the problem better until the skin grows back. She regularly says she'd like to have her big toes amputated. It's very uncomfortable and has affected her since she was a child. She also has similar symptoms in her thumbs, and oddly enough, the corners of her mouth or the inside of her cheeks.

    As you can see, this is not just ordinary itching of the big toes. It's not a fungus, it isn't gout or neuropathy, it isn't Raynaud's or Chilblains. It's not eczema. She eats a fairly healthy diet with no sugar, no wheat or rice, no meat except for fish, she gets plenty of protein and vegetables. This has to be something that can affect a small child and an adult and manifest in three different places - big toes, thumbs, and cheeks. It's very odd. You would never know there's anything wrong just by looking at her toes (unless you look at them after she cuts her skin off and there's tissue damage and bleeding).

    Many of the posters in this forum have problems that are simply addressed with medical assessment and diagnosis, or by cleaning your feet and using cream, or just by waiting a few weeks. Those who have the longstanding (more than 10 years) itchiness in big toes at the corner of the nail bed don't have a good way to address the problem, and usually aren't able to get a worthwhile medical opinion. Anyone who can offer insight into this problem would be doing a favor to at least a few sufferers.
  17. crying

    crying Guest

    I have this same problem! I've had this itch on my left big toe for about 2 years now. Not sure what started it, at first i assumed it was athletes foot because i am a soccer player. My mother who is a doctor gave me a long list of antifungal creams/powders/sprays and i tried them all with no relief! I am certain it is not athletes foot now also because i share shoes with my roommate and she has never had any issues.

    The itch comes and goes but gets so severe I have scars all over my big toe from scratching it until it bleeds. My new quick form of relief is burning it, (morbid i know) but running my toe under hot water while getting out of the shower seems to relieve the itch for an hour or two.
    For a less damaging itch relief that seems to work is using a loofa with soap (to make it slippery) and scrubbing it (quite violently), it takes about 5 minutes before i can get myself to stop itching.

    I'm glad i am not the only one going crazy over this! I would rather have my big toe be numb forever/amputated than to feel this all the time.
  18. Lin

    Lin Guest

    Oh my word I am so glad I am not going crazy. My big toe on my right foot at the very end has been itching now for about 3 weeks. No redness but the skin feels tight. Just driving me crazy scratching it.
  19. Molly

    Molly Guest

    Biofreeze relieved my itchy big toe. I try not to itch it...just put on biofreeze.
  20. TOE JUICE!!!! Skin refreshing toner! I to suffer from a serious itchy toe with no visible irritation or fungus. I tried everything sprays, cortisone cream and medicated foot powders. The only thing that calms my toe down is TOE JUICE. I was desperate for relief and found it at Walgreens in the foot section. I hope this helps some of you

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