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Itchy Big Toe

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, May 21, 2009.

  1. Margaret

    Margaret Guest

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    My intractable itch is at the base of my left big toe where it joins the ball of my foot. It's been a constant itch for well over a year now. Though there's no visible skin irritation, I've been using antifungal sprays, ointments and powders every day, hoping that it was a stubborn fungus. (So the skin on my feet looks fantastically healthy!) Anyway, after reading all these anecdotes, I think it might be due to the fact my work has me on nine my feet nine hours per day and I typically cover 12 to 15 miles in that time. Maybe this repetative stress and inflammation that causes my plantar facsiitis is at the same time irritating a nerve and causing the maddening itch. It does happen to also be the foot that hurts more.
  2. The tip of my right big toe itches all day every day. What a weird thing to have in common with so many people.
  3. JFS

    JFS Guest

    I had the itchy toe syndrome for a few days and 1 week later I got a full blown gout flare up which felt the same as the itchy toe with pain in the joint. Look into gout, folks.
  4. jss2020

    jss2020 New Member

    I have a constant itch on the bottom of my foot that I cant get rid of - anyone know what this could be and how to deal with it - it's been bothering me for a few years
  5. wastingaway

    wastingaway Guest

    i too have a left big toe itch its more localized at one side of the toe at the edge of the nail ive tried all OTC treatments on it, i have had ringworm before like 6 years ago when i ran a non profit rescue, which is why i am now curious about the "skin mites"
    the "nerve" i can only think that i have injured both toes and feet etc several times the last few years. the scratching helps only when im scratching it never goes away!!! i have been putting antifungal cream but i have zero symptoms.
  6. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    What OTC prods have you tried
  7. I also have had my right big toe (the skin right where the nail meets the side of my toe) itching like crazy on and off for 3 years now. I have peeled off so many layers of skin from the side of my big toe by scratching it and rubbing it against the toe beside it. I have a huge callece built up on the side of my 2nd toe just from rubbing it against the areas of my big toe that is always itchy. I feel like it’ll never fully heal because there are so many different layers of half dead skull from the part my nail reaches the side of my toe going down half way to the bottom of my foot. Has anyone found any sort of solution or way to ease the need to itch.

    I know it’s not a fungus asked a doctor and tried 5 different otc topicals that did not work at all.

    Anyone look into the nerve idea??

  8. ***Half dead SKIN not skull***
  9. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    Maybe post a pic

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