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Joining the ranks of other foot burning tingling people

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by SHADOW-WULF, May 15, 2013.


    SHADOW-WULF New Member

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    where does it hurt----------for the foot pain, it is mainly from the ball forward to the toes
    how long has it hurt------ for at least 15 years
    how bad is the pain--- tonight it is around a 7, not one minute of sleep tonight
    what where you doing when it started--- when I'm tired and have feet up or in bed
    what have you done for it so far--2 separate neurologists, gabapentin, immovane, xrays, bone scan(nothing), electrical conductivity (low end of normal) $500 worth of blood test and more coming when I can afford it
    anything relieve it--- no, neuragel sometimes helps a bit
    what have you been told about it so far--- nueralgia, take these pills, take more, take more.
    is it affecting your ability to work or play sport--- During the day I have sensitive feet so I always wear orthotic and good fitting shoes, but still get lightening bolts through my feet at odd times. I just ignore and keep doing what I have to to get through the day, nights are different. It get's much worse and you can't ignore it.
    do you have any other sorts of symptoms ---RLS, burning, tingling, lightning bolts that cause me jump as if zapped by electric shock
    what country you are in ---CANADA

    Hope that's the basics covered. I'm 45 and since my 20's had RLS and have always been a poor sleeper, over the last 20 years everything has gotten worse
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    I have had similar pain in my middle toe, right foot for about a year and a half. I tried to monitor when the "lightning bolt" type pain occurred to see what activity may be causing it, however it was sporadic at best, but, occurred mostly when I was at rest, in bed, sitting, etc. My doc thought it was a Neuroma; the podiatrist ruled that out since I didn't have all the symptoms of a Neuroma. She saw a slight discoloration on the nail and decided to remove the nail to biopsy the nail bed as it could have been Melanoma; Thank God it was not a melanoma. During the six months that it took for the nail to grow back, I had no pain... until it grew back completely, this time the nail was thicker and the pain was even worse. The next podiatrist also ruled out a neuroma (took an xray) and concluded that the nail was impinging on the nerve root so he permanently removed the nail last week. It is still healing and it does hurt, but, not the same type of pain. I remembered later that 2 years ago I had stubbed my toe pretty bad and the nail was lifted but it never came off. It is possible that was when the damage to the nerve occurred. I am praying that the pain does not return as I really don't know what to do next. I hope that you can resolve your toe pain issue! I lost many nights of sleep over this toe and the only thing I could do was take Ibuprofen and Melatonin to get through the night.
    Perhaps you need to be checked for "Mortons Neuroma" as it is similar to what you are describing.
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