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Jones fracture

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Hanna, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Hanna

    Hanna New Member

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    Hi I was playing netball a week ago and a rolled my anckle not to bad, was having pain in my foot and struggling to walk so I went into emergency on Saturday and was told I have a jones fracture and put into a cast with no weight bearing till I see the orthopedic next week, I have to young children and am not able to drive so finding it hard just wondering how other peoples healing process went?
  2. Shoepractitioner

    Shoepractitioner New Member

    The healing time from surgery is typically between 6 and 8 weeks. However, some athletes have been known to return to full activity within 2 to 4 weeks after a Jones fracture surgery. With any foot injury, regardless of whether Jones fracture surgery has taken place, it is important to take recovery very
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  3. Hanna

    Hanna New Member

    Thank you for your reply.
    I dont think they are doing surgery as it's non displaced and it's a fairly small crack line, I'm hoping to be put into a boot but will have to see when I see the orthopedic.
    I have attached my xray iam thinking mine is very mild or if it actually is a jones fracture? Obviously I will know when I see the doctor on Wednesday but have been very curious in the mean time.
  4. Hanna

    Hanna New Member

    Just an update on my jones fracture to give others hope.

    So I seen the orphepetic surgeon and he said I can either opt for surgery straight away or see if it heals on its own and I go back in 7 weeks, he also said I can walk on it and drive ect in sneakers but he also gave me a moon boot, at the start it was hard getting use to and it was a bit uncomfortable but it's been a week and a half since then and I can walk bare footed and theres minimal to no pain, iv also been swimming witch has really helped the fracture itself doesnt hurt but the muscles in my foot get sore at the end of the day, more because I'm getting use to walking properly again without limping.

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