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Lisfranc Fracture - Pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by EDubz, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. EDubz

    EDubz New Member

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    Hi Doc,

    I understand you cannot give out a diagnosis, and I am not looking for one.
    I underwent surgery just yesterday for my Lisfranc fracture, and was wondering what to do for pain.
    I'm experiencing a great deal of pain on the bottom arch of my foot, my outer ankle, and the general area of the incisions.

    Now I am well aware that I am going to experience pain after my ordeal, however I am having a very hard time dealing with it already.
    Ice cannot cool through to the injury, putting pressure or turning my leg to rest the cast in different ways is not relieving the pain either.
    I am on painkillers, but if I take too many at once I get very ill.
    Any ideas on how to alleviate the pain enough for me to sleep?

  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    First and above ALL . . the Internet is NOT a place to be getting such information when a doctor of your choice and/or trust has less than 24 hours ago laid knife to your body. Call that doctor at once and advise him/her that whatever instruction and medications have been supplied to you are not holding back the pain. Perhaps his/her knowledge of your degree of pain will suggest something amiss which needs immediate attention. Your doctor should have assessed your general tolerances and emotional state, if that might be a factor, prior to surgery and should have the experience to know what sort of post-surgical pain after whatever procedure was performed is appropriate and what is meaningful. Well-meaning former patients and even doctors who do not know you or the particulars of your case might even advise you of procedures which may be detrimental to your individual situation and against that which your doctor wishes. Call him/her NOW

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