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Lisfranc injury

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by rachael cartwright, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. rachael cartwright

    rachael cartwright New Member

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    Hi im new to this forum. I did my injury in June this year amd had surgery on 3 of my joints in my right foot. I have plate removal on 28th oct. I wanted to ask advice on how long b4 i will b walking again as ill of non weight beared for whole time which will be 20 weeks in total. And then drive aswell. I have an air boot which ill keep until can weight bear etc but when do u think ill b in normal shoes or boots so i can drive. Thanks in advance. Its been a long process and my mood been low through most of it as i was an active person b4. I can now at least see an end to it and hoping walking will soon follow.
  2. Cassidy

    Cassidy New Member

    Hello, I to have suffered this Injury. In regards to when you will be walking again, every doctor is so different on their treatment plan that's it is pretty much impossible to say exactly what the timeframe will look like. I had ORIF and was NWB for 7 weeks, after 7 weeks I was able to WB in a boot, I stayed in the boot until HWR. After HWR I was FWB in a boot for 2 additional weeks then was able to walk in shoes. Most likely after HWR you will be NWB for a little while, only because your doctor has been on the more conservative side. Hope all goes smoothly for you!!
  3. rachael cartwright

    rachael cartwright New Member

    Thank u ive got 2nd op soon then stitches to come out then hopefully physio. Then im hoping i can weight bear once stitches out

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