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Lisfranc surgery recovery question

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Cassidy, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Cassidy

    Cassidy New Member

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    I will start by giving a rundown of my injury and timeline of events since injury, I would love to hear if anyone has any similar experiences and if things progressed with or without the need of a fusion in the future.

    I sustained my injury May, 14th after slipping on a Tupperware bowl in the kitchen. I went to the ER where I was told it was a minor sprain and I should be fine in a week. 2 weeks later my foot was still swollen and looked slightly deformed so I went to my family doctor who DX me with tarsal tunnel, told me to elevate and heat and said it should be better in 2 weeks. 4 weeks later I saw a podiatrist since it still was not improving, had weight bearing x-rays done in the office and was notified that I had a lisfranc injury and sent me to a foot and ankle surgeon.

    The foot and ankle surgeon informed me after an MRI that I had ruptured the ligament between the first and second metatarsals, he stated that the first metatarsal was shifted to the outside of the foot and the second metatarsal was shift to the inside of my foot, it was an injury that only involved the ligament. I was given the option of open reduction or fusion and we decided on open reduction, he utilized plates to minimize any trauma to the joints and said we could go back for fusion if need be in the future.

    I had surgery on 7/13 had 2 plates and 8 screws placed. Healing seemed to progress as expected i had the hardware removed on 11/10. I saw my doc on 11/23 he said all looked good and i was allowed to go to a shoe with an orthotic, he said I could try walking on my own without physical therapy and to call him if I felt I needed it. Well needless to say the pain in my mid foot was extreme when trying to walk normally. This did not improve over the course of 2 weeks so I started physical therapy on 12/9. My question is, the pain I'm having is the same as before surgery and so far has not improved, pain is minimal when not weight bearing but extremely painful when bending the midfoot. When I am a walking boot I experience minimal pain, have others experienced the same thing and still improved with time? Also I cannot walk without a severe limp right now and wondering how long it took others before they felt their walking improved? My Physical therapist is concerned that I still have instibility in the joint, I see my surgeon on 1/10 and he wants to dicuss possible fusion. I am hoping that what I am experiencing is common and might improve with time or if it would be best to do the fusion sooner than later. I have a 2 and 3 year old and I am so ready to be able to do more with my kids.

    So for such a long post, hope to hear insite on others experiences.
  2. Cassidy

    Cassidy New Member

    Since I posted this, my physical therapist tried having me go back in a boot for 3 weeks, I thought my foot was getting slightly better but after 1 day out of the boot it's right back to where it was. I am having a lot of popping in the joint where the ligament was ruptured, this is to the point I can push up slightly on that bone and make it pop at the joint. Has anyone experienced this after lisfranc ORIF? If so is it to be expected? I see my surgeon on tuesday, my Physical Therapist feels something isn't right in that foot and I'm just hoping he's wrong and all of this is to be expected. Any experience would be appreciated, I am 6 months post first surgery and 2 months post hardware removal.
  3. Cassidy

    Cassidy New Member

    I am going to update this post so in the event someone else is in a similar situation to me in the future they can read this and maybe get some insite...

    I saw my surgeon on 1/10 as soon as I started describing the popping and pain I was feeling he said he had a strong suspicion that the Open reduction procedure had failed. Upon exam he could manually move the bones in the lisfranc joint with tenderness. He felt strongly that the next step would be a fusion of my 1st and 2nd metatarsals. I am currently awaiting my surgery date.

    My advice to anyone going through this type of injury would be to research the two surgery options in depth, most people who have ORIF end up going on to have a fusion later, many argue that going straight to fusion may be the better option.
  4. FITz

    FITz Guest

    hey cass do u have an email. I need a friend. Ur the most recent post i have found for this injury. No surgery yet. Injury occured 8/2/16. Suffereing every step since. Help.
  5. Cassidy

    Cassidy New Member

    I do have an email address but I am more active on a Facebook page called "lisfranc injury & life afterwards. It is a fantastic board full of helpful people. This will not let me post my email. I am a member of the Facebook board and would be happy message you there as well :). I am currently 13 weeks post op from fusion and have lived with pain everyday for a year from this awful injury, I am still struggling to walk and may have to go in for a 4th surgery to remove hardware, I will find out for sure in 5 weeks. What did you do and what is the nature of your injury? ( Ligament only, FX only, both, how many bones/joints involved) I am more than willing to be of any help I can he for you, I have done more research the I would like to admit on this injury.

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