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Mid/lateral foot pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by ejun88, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. ejun88

    ejun88 Guest

    Hey everyone,

    I am a runner (i run 6-7 miles/day) and I habitually go salsa dancing. Between these two I have this pain on the top surface of my left foot, towards the lateral side (pinkie toe side), where there is this little soft bump. It may be over the cuboid bone, but I am not sure. It hurts the worst first thing in the morning, and it subsides by the middle of my run (either from warming up or from the ibuprofen kicking in). At the end of 6 miles, however, I get this sort of sharp pain right underneath the lateral malleolus (the bone protruding from the outside of the ankle). Nothing really appears to be swollen. The pain seems to be better when I am in high heels, but I feel like being in high heels makes the pain worse later on. The pain occurs when my foot pushes off the floor, especially when barefoot
    If this helps, I have also been experiencing symptoms plantar fasciitis for the past couple of months. None of the symptoms so far have been so bad that I have to stop running completely, but I fear that maybe I have changed my gait in a way that is harming the rest of my foot. Any comments/suggestions/ would be much appreciated. I really don't want to stop running or dancing - my two loves :)

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