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my jones fracture

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    hello, i am a 28 year old male from california and on may 15,2009 i suffered a jones fracture. I awoke the next morning in terrible pain and knew then that my foot was messed up! I thought it was just a sprain when i twisted it but after waking up the next morning i knew something was wrong so i went to the emergency room. i wasnt told by anyone in the e.r. that it was a jones fracture, only that my foot was broken and i needed to see a podiatrist?.. I was put in a splint and referred to a podiatrist and an appt was scheduled for two weeks later. after two weeks of being in a splint i finally was seen by a podiatrist and was told i had a fifth meditarsal fracture and would need to be casted for 6-8 weeks but no one said anything about a jones fracture? I was told by the doctor my healing time would be 6-8 weeks? I went back to the podiatrist yesterday which was july 10,2009 and was informed after all this time that i had a jones fracture. which was only brought to my attention because of my extensive hounding and questioning of the podiatrist. After 2 months of staying off my foot i was told by the podiatrist after he reviewed an x-ray that there wasnt much healing at all of my fracture?.. I immediately started with the questions, why isnt my foot healing, what going on? it was then that i was told about my fracture and the type of fracture it was. I was told it takes longer for a jones fracture to heal because of where it is on the foot and how blood flow differs in that part of the foot from others and the healing process is much slower. The podiatrist told me he wanted to give me some sort of electro-magnetic box to place over my cast that would send an electron charge to my fracture to help stimulate bone growth? I am curious to know if this item truly works and would it help for my specific type of fracture? I was told by the podiatrist that i would use this medical device for 4 weeks and return back to see him on aug.14,2009. I am just so nervous about and so frustrated with my fracture its making me crazy! Am i ever going to heal normally or will i need surgery because i truly want to avoid surgery at all cost? Will this electron box work to stimulate bone growth? Does it really take this long for a jones fracture to heal? Is the way my foot healing this slowly normal? Will i need surgery in the end and all of this is a waste of time? Can i heal properly if i take the non-surgical route?
  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    It sounds to me that your relationship with your doctor is not one of trust. No one simply reading your post can offer you the answers to the questions you ask with any degree of certainty. In such a situation, I would recommend that one sit down with his/her attending doctor and have a frank and understandable discussion regarding the prognosis and if still dissatisfied with his/her response, seek a second opinion by hands-on evaluation.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi. I read your message abouth your Jones Fracture. About 7 yrs. ago I had the same thing. My Dr. knew I did not want surgery so he worked with me to get it healed without. It did take a long time. I had a cast on for about 2-2 1/2 months with no weight bearing allowed. It still was not healing so I got one of the machines you are talking about. It took about 5 months to be totally healed and about the last 6 weeks I had a boot that I could walk in. I am so glad I did it the way I did. I have talked to other people who had the surgery and they had alot of pain and aching with theirs. I have no pain at all with mine. I broke my other ankle 2 yrs. ago and I did have surgery on it with plate and pins and I have alot of aching with it. My email is kstwrt25@hotmail.com if you want to ask me anything else.
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I'm healed.

    I took homeopathic Symphytum and Calc phos. That's when I could feel things start happening. But do your own research on these substances and follow your instincts.

    I also watched diet and rested alot. Kept a good mental attitude.

    Healed in 3 months
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2010
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    I am also 28 year old male, from Croatia. Broke my 5th methatarsal bone at 09. of May 2010. Had 1 week (removable) imobilisation, and then 6 and 1/2 weeks cast (gypsum, right word?). Have been x-rayed after one week, then after 4 weeks, and today. Me as non specialist can see significant improvement, and doctor said it has healed at about 80%. Removed my cast, and said i keep using my crutches, and putting weight at my foot till I feel pain. Suggested phisical therapy.
    I can put, lets say, about 50-60% of my body weight till feeling a pain (80kg - about double in pounds). Pain appears mainly just behind my pinky toe, not as much at place of break. It is not sharp pain, more like difused (good word?, not sure). In my sneakers (doctor said it should have hard downside, so I vend to Adidas immediately and bought the one with hardest bottom..) I can walk OK with crutches, but barefoot, not good at all..

    Well, I'm going to rehabilitation tomorrow, for 10 days in my hometown with phisio. And in 10 days I will be heading towards seaside for 2 weeks to get best possible healtcare for rehabilitation there is in this region. Is it enough? 3-4 weeks rehab..

    My question is.. at the beginning, should I put as much weight as possible at my foot (untill pain) or should I spare it. And is it normal that it still pains (well, pretty much I must say) after almost 8 weeks.. My foot right now is very, very limited in moving up and down (also I had broken big toe, and leg under my knee, so my leg, generaly speaking was not at 100% at the time of breaking this bone).. Afraid that my knee could feel it if I start to walk too soon, irregulary, cause my foot can barely reach 90 degrees..

    Doctor said 80% it has healed, so is it proportionaly in time to get this last 20% of healing, or will it tahe relatively more time..?

    And maybe the most important: CAN I MAKE DAMAGE TO MY HEALING PROCESS IF I KEEP PUTTING WEIGHT UNTIL FEELING PAIN AT ALL THE TIME OF WALKING? I mean rebroke it os something like that, I m not talking about insaneay putting too much weight, but considerable amount.. Is that pain just pain or it indicates I should cool down every time it starts to feel..

    Thany a lot for any review :)

    Martin from Croatia!
  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    In my experience, the tendons need time to rehabiliate. Weight will feel damaging.

    But talk to your doctor.

    After re-reading.....I'm wondering if you weren't taken out a cast too soon.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2010
  7. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    was at specialist today, ortopedic.. said it is going to heal well.. scheduled for physiotherapy since monday.. problems with ankle and foot from before are much more serious, so in a weird way, it was a good thing to break this bone, because, after 20 years of ignoring continouos problems with ankle, and whole leg (broke it seriously back as a kid).. will finally start the treatment.. sports carer probaoly over, basketball, soccer, tennis and similar sports (should not forced it before as wlee, but learning till living, no? :))

    hope to recover so after long rehab, hope that leg will be even better than before Jones fracture.. in that case, I'm not going to be dissapointed.. it is a mountain to climb at this time.. but I can and will do it..
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I am wondering if your foot ever healed? I broke my foot on 10-6-10 and was reading your post and it sounds EXACTLY like my situation. My doctor has prescribed me a bone healing system too and I am hoping I am not wasting my time; I have already been in the cast for 6 weeks!
  9. Pippa

    Pippa Guest

    How is everyone healing? I hope well!
    I broke my foot (Jones Fracture) Oct 10, 2010 and still am not allowed to put my foot down to walk on the cast. I too am worried about it still not healing and wondering if I should've had surgery instead. I miss people (I live alone), work and walking! Am curious if others suddenly healed between their 2nd and 3rd month and were allowed to walk? Or if anyone requested surgery?
    Best wishes!
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hello, I broke my 5th metatarsal. The injury recovery time will be 10 weeks on October 4th. My next check up. I injured it during Soccer and was put into a cast for 5 weeks. My second visit at the doctor, the x-ray showed no fusion of the bone however he did press really hard on my foot/injured area with no pain. He said this was a good sign and sometimes x-rays show later the healing process. The no pain he said was a good sign and good indication its healing. I have been placed in a boot. I have had little to no pain but minor aggravation here and there. sometimes in the injured area but majority just soreness in overall foot. I hardly ever get any pain with walking or anything like that. In addition will I be able to have an increased range of motion with my pinky toe if my bone was still broken? With a Jones fracture which I was diagnosed with is it possible to have no pain, yet the bone still not be fusing?


  11. Bjsmom19

    Bjsmom19 New Member

    Hi. I am recovering from a jones fracture. Afrer three weeks of being checked I was told there was no real improvement and there was also very little pain to the fracture sight. I then decided to do surgery . The only thing is that rt afterwards I might have reinjured it in the bathroom. Anyway I did surgery and I'm very happy I did. A week after surgery I was told that it's healing well now.
    I think u should get another opinion from another md . Just be aware that I have heard that jones fractures can take months to heal without surgery.
    Good luck
  12. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    On July 19th 2011 I was playing tennis and suffered a Jones Fracture.

    I had pain for 2-3 days and never again since.

    I was in a non-weight-bearing cast for 6 weeks and when they did X-Rays with the cast off we could clearly see 20% more bone needed to fill in.

    I went into a new cast for 6 more weeks. This time bearing weight more and more until I was walking around the house without crutches.

    I did get the EMI machine and used it routinely. 10 hours every day as instructed.

    I also took Caltrate D to supplement my calcium.

    That was removed yesterday and I start PT on Monday. The X-Ray showed the bone is 100% filled in with no gaps, although I was told it may be more 'brittle' right now and to keep using the stimulator.

    Tough injury. Glad it's almost done.

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2011
  13. Bjsmom19

    Bjsmom19 New Member

    Glad to hear it almost done. I am actually frustrated now because I have pain now that I started walking . It's crazy cause the minute I walk an on it too long it swells and starts to hurt. I can't wait for this nightmare to be over!!
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    hey, ive read all of the posts on here and was just wondring if you could answer a couple of questions of my own? im 13 years old and two weeks ago i got a jones fracture from playing football, and i fell on it pretty harsh, now im no doctor but from looking at my xray im pretty sure it was a bad break, and i really dont want to have surgery, do you think beacuse of my age it should heal a little better? i get out of my cast in 4 weeks time, i can walk on it as its not giving me too much grief, so do you think ive got away with this one? thanks in advance and i hope everyone else who had experienced the same injury as me, are back too normal, and doing sports or whatever again, thanks again!
  15. Bjsmom19

    Bjsmom19 New Member

    Hi! The question really is what did the doctor say!! Did he say u would be ok?? I don't think age makes a differnce
  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    well the doctor didnt really say alot, all he said was that ide broke my foot, i was given a tempery cast for the swelling to go down then he sent me home, when i went to get my proper cast (where i saw my xray) they said they couldnt be sure on the state of my foot until i had another xray, a letter came home saying my next appointment and it said expect to be at the hospital for a while cus your gunna have another xray, then i did a little research because the hospital didnt really say alot and i saw something like 1 in 4 people who get a jones fracture end up having an operation, but i did think ide be alright because i can walk on the foot!
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have a Jones fracture on my right foot.
    My right foot had been aching since late September 2011 but became very acute a few days after total hip replacement on my left side (Mid December 2011).
    The pain was pretty intense.
    I went to a podiatrist & she suggested weekly ultrasounds and some type of laser therapy.

    I spoke to my physical therapist & hip doctor and read up on the ultrasound. The articles suggested that the ultra sound MIGHT help at the beginning but there was no clear evidence that it helped after that. My hip doctor said to keep wearing the walking boot that was prescribed by the podiatrist.
    After a month there was only slight signs of healing and the hip doctor said to return in another month and if it isn’t healed he would need to put a pin in.

    3/1/12 I was the hip doctor again and the x-rays show no healing.
    Since the pain has been subsiding, my doctor said to wean myself off the boot in the next couple weeks.
    Also, my doctor referred me to a orthopedic foot specialist

    I have lost all patience with this slow/non-existent healing.
    I see the next doctor(Orthopedic Surgeon-foot specialist) next week.

    Has anyone had success with ultrasound, laser treatments, vitamin/mineral supplements, amputation, or any other non-mainstream treatments?
  18. Bjsmom19

    Bjsmom19 New Member

    I had surgery and then I used the bone stimulator to help heal the bone!! If it's not getting better I say do surgery!! It will help w healing!! Good luck

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