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MY LEFT FOOT:5th week:Broken 2nd, 3rd, 4th metatarsals

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Dismembered in Mimbres, Oct 17, 2009.

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    I'm an athletic middle aged female entering the 7th week of a drama involving the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsals. On August 31, while putting my laptop in a soft case for a trip, I dropped it with the sharp corner landing onto the top of the arch of my left foot, right at the 2nd metatarsal. This injury broke the skin mildly but bled a lot internally, causing a golf-ball sized hematoma which went down overnight with ice. I think I fractured the 2nd metatarsal at that time and didn't know it, but the blood/swelling was so disturbing I cancelled my trip for 2 days. I wore a loose shoe and went on the trip, feeling only a sharp little pain every now and then, and two weeks later, on September 14, I fell twelve inches when stepping onto a floor that wasn't there while entering a dark room. I went down on my right ankle, spraining it, and the rest of the impact went to my left foot, fracturing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsals. The fractures are which are horizontal, between the middle and upper part of the metatarsals (toward the ankle), fairly close to the head (or is it base) of the metatarsals. My theory is that the blow from the first injury weakened the 2nd metatarsal, and then when I fell, it gave way and therefore broke the others. The emergency room put me in a splint and ace bandages which I used for the first 5 days, then the orthopedic MD gave me a walking boot (Cam walker), and ankle brace which I used for 4 weeks. I'm not paying much attention to the sprained ankle, which comparatively is rather insignificant. Today I received an inflexible shoe with velcro straps that go across the toe area and right across the metatarsal area where the breaks are. It's easier in a way to walk, and I do feel I'm putting weight on the actual foot, though it's not bending much because of the shoe...it does seem as if my foot hurts now worse than ever - maybe because I am using it more? In fact, the first 5 days it really didn't hurt at all as I was putting absolutely no weight on it, using a wheelchair. I never took meds at all, not even an aspirin. When I got the walking boot, my foot moved around a little inside it which concerned me because it was painful, however MD said even with a cast there would be inevitable movement, and that cast was not necessary for these non-displaced fractures. So, now, out of the boot, I have this ortho-shoe, and I find walking difficult, pretty painful, and I'm feeling actually a little more vulnerable than ever as the shoe is stiff on the bottom but soft on the sides and top. MD says about 3 weeks of this ortho-shoe. I am very concerned about the strap of this shoe possibly causing pressure on the fractured areas, though I saw the X-rays today and it does indeed look like the bones are healing. My big toe is till bruised and the area over the base of the toes is very sensitive, a little swollen, and the bruising looks more gray than anything. I also have bruise showing on the bottom of my foot from the seepage of the blood downward--still--though it's better. By the time I see MD next it will be a full 7-1/2 weeks since the break. He says p.t. at that time if I need it. My question: does all this sound absolutely normal, on track, correct, and okay to you? What would happen if I didn't use this inflexible shoe -- I thought the boot hurt my foot and that the shoe is hurting it more. Anything else I definitely should/should not be doing? Thanks.
  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    This sounds like a case in which, though you will probably deny it, is one wherein there is a flawed relationship between doctor and patient to the extent that the patient feels comfortable in confronting the doctor with her fears and concerns. That is not a reasonable way to deal with one's doctor. The doctor is working for and getting paid by YOU, not vice versa, and to have such basic questions as you ask here either unanswered or not answered to your satisfaction is something which a deficiency regarding YOUR control of the situation and is your responsibility when the doctor does not consider is his/her's. The fact alone that you saw your x-rays and thought that the fractures were not healing begs the questions . . how would you be able to assess that and if you felt that way, why did you not confront your doctor with that concern on the spot? You've sustained multiple injuries and no one on the Internet is going to be able to evaluate the course of your recovery. What you need to do is have a sit-down with your doctor and have an in-depth review of your injury, your treatent and your prognosis in terms which you can understand. NEVER leave your doctor's office with unresolved concerns. Demand your right and the service for which you are paying. Forums are not a substitute for the delivery of good medical care.
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