Navicular Bone Surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Dogma, Sep 26, 2011.

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    6 months in a boot...last 2 months on crutches too... 2 months of a bone stimulator concurrent with crutches.... Surgery recommended for next week...Dr recommends debreeding fracture putting in frozen bone chip/flakes...also bone marrow taken from hip.
    i have great faith in my Dr, but hearing the scenario for repair for the first time sounds ominous. i suppose i am just nervous and would love to have some hand-holding feedback on what i can expect next and thoughts/replies from any experts here to help me manage my expectations.
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    hi there,

    I broke my navicular bone 12 years ago since then I have gone over on it 5 times most recently last week. This is the most painful time to date. Last year Surgery was recommended I just wondered if you had the same this as your procedure does sound scary. I was told a metal bolt would be placed in my foot. I have recently decided to go through with the surgery and I am in the process of being referred. They haven't put a cast on my foot and I cant walk on it, do you know of any way to ease the pain, other than pain killers? ( don'd want to get addicted to codine, as good as it is)
    many thanks,


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