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Nerve Pain 8 months Post Bunionectomy

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Crystal, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Crystal

    Crystal Guest

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    I had a bunionectomy in March of 2010. Once I was out of my big black boot... I would notice a twinge of nerve pain on the bottom of my foot when I would put my foot into a shoe. It got better over a couple of months and then I would only notice a nerve twinge (not painful) when I would plant my foot in a sloppy way when I would walk. I wasn't worried.. I just figured my foot was still adjusting.

    But then in late August 2010 I started to develop a nerve pain/sensation along the side of my 2nd toe. It felt like electricity and like a shard of glass was pressing into my toe. It progressed to be a burning on the bottom of my foot in between my first and second toes as well. And now I also will have terrible sharp nerve 'messages' being sent down my first and second toes with each step.. this doesn't happen all of the time thankfully or I would never walk! But it happens a few times a day when I am walking.

    I also notice when I roll my foot from side to side on the ball of my foot.. that the nerve is being touched somehow and sends nerve sensations down my first and second toes.

    I went to my original surgeon a few times about this... and he didn't seem to worried. Gave me a shot of cortisone and sent me on my way. I actually didn't appreciate how he blew my concerns off.. so I will not be going back to him.

    I have went to a few other podiatrists for second opinions. They're mostly coming to the conclusion that I have a nerve that is being irritated perhaps from some scar tissue... most likely from the release of the sesamoid bones that was done during the bunionectomy. So it is the nerve that runs right along side the sesamoid bone in between my first and second toes.

    One Dr said he wouldn't recommend surgery because that nerve is hard to find. Another said he would do surgery to move the nerve over and out of the way of the sesamoid bone.

    I'm going to an orthopedic surgeon in December to get another opinion as well.

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you!
  2. Crystal

    Crystal Guest

    1 Year Later!

    Just thought I would give an update in case anyone would wonder how I turned out! After months of searching and appointment after appointment looking for a good Dr. I finally found someone who made sense and I felt like I could trust.

    So I had surgery again in December 2010. He removed the nerve that runs in between my first and second toes. It had been damaged in the first surgery (bunionectomy) in May 2010. He said this happens in less than 1% of cases. It was enlarged.. a neuroma.

    He also did a fibular sesamoidectomy because my big toe had started to turn inward much more than it even was before my bunionectomy.

    So now half of my big toe and second toe are numb.. and an area on the bottom of my foot.

    But my nerve pain is gone. And my big toe is straight and functioning well again!

    So thankful for good Dr's. Thankful for healing.

    When it comes to surgeons.. it pays to look around and find the best.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi i had a bunionectomy and part of my sesimoid removed 3 weeks ago! i have been getting pains in my 1st and 2nd toe i described it as electric shocks! when i returned to have my stiches out i asked about it and was told it would settle it was where id had a nerve block in my ankle and it had bruised my nerves! I do hope that is the problem as it sounds so much like yours although im not walking yet i get while sat wiyh my foot up!!!!! How are you finding it now? i have read so many bad storys about having the sesimoid removed and not found anyone to have had both!!!
  4. Melinda

    Melinda Guest

    Crystal, can you tell me what tests you had to confirm the cause of your ongoing pain after your bunionectomy? Also, are your activities expected to be limited in any way now that you've lost some feeling, for example weight-bearing activities? I had a bunionectomy in February and am regretting it now, suffering with virtually every step and losing hope that I will ever be able to enjoy hiking or yoga again. My physiotherapist is suggesting a cortisone injection so she can really "get at" the scar tissue without the intense pain the pressure causes. She also mentioned that a bone scan might be useful to determine if something has shifted since the surgery - the two post-op x-rays were perfect (according to the surgeon). I am reluctant to continue down the medical intervention path but don't see much in the way of options. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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