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New bone grown after Metatarsal surgery, painful!

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by RedwoodsMama, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. RedwoodsMama

    RedwoodsMama New Member

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    I do not know how common this may be, but it has never happened to me before. I have had problems with both feet since the 1990s, but esp my right foot. The fact I have walked my whole life and never driven, may be a factor.........Anyway, here is some history.
    In 1997 I had a bunionectomy on my left First Metatarsal with no complications. Several months later, in March 98 I had hammertoe correction on two toes, fourth and fifth. Recovery was typical and back to work.

    My right first Metatarsal also developed a bunion a few years later. ( I have never worn heels.)I forgot to mention that I also have a severe back pain problem from a on the job injury and in June 2001 was hit by a truck and fractured my right foot, ( Jones fracture) in a cast for eight long months.. I lost plantar dorsiflexion, not being able to bend foot down..Since this time, have had bunion surgery on right foot, failed.. developed Hallax Varus, ( toe going other way)surgery failed to correct this and because of severe pain, was given a fusion of first metatarsal and removal of sesmoids which were badly degenerated. After this was in a lot of pain.. fell down some steps in basement and fractured my big toe that was already fused and dislocated it. More surgery and new pins put in and then hammertoe surgery , or tailors bunion on same foot, right.

    My tailors bunion has come back and is painful, but the real pain in last few months is the area under the right first metatarsal which has been fused.. I have developed a bony growth right under the base of the big toe. Extreme pain and hurts, throbs even when resting. ( my foot surgeon which did the fusion confirmed last year that is new bone that is there) Wanted to send me to physical therapy, also have had plantar facistis.. I am on my feet all day as a preschool teacher and can not take the time off.
    It is already hard to take time off from work to go to any dr. and am wondering if anyone else has been through this, growing new bone after a foot fusion and what happened? I do wear comfortable shoes, have custom orthotics that were made after my surgery and wear thick socks just for cushioning. I used to take Methadone and Norco for back pain for years but stopped completely more than a year ago. What else can I do and can dr.s do anything for this? Thank you for any suggestions or stories of what helped.(This bone growth is the entire area under bottom of big toe, base)
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Without seeing an x-ray of that "new bone" it is hard to give any advice.
    I would definitly give the physical therapy a go.
    Could try a different shoe - perhaps one with a rocker, such at the MBT or Hoka running shoes.

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