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Night-time foot pain in children

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. thought777

    thought777 Guest

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    Our daughter is 6 and she is having the same problem. But I think I found the answer: it is HUMIDITY.
  2. Deee14

    Deee14 Guest

    I know this is like years later reply. But you are describing my daughters EXACT same foot issue right now. She is 4.5. And everything you said the same, I have taken her to 4 different doctors in the past year and gotten no where. They don't know. Because my daughter isn't in a lot of pain and just says it hurts really bad without crying. I wish I had an answer. But I'm just wondering if you found out any more information with your daughter since then?
  3. Aleigha

    Aleigha Guest

  4. Aleigha

    Aleigha Guest

    I also have a 4 Year old son who has experienced "growing pains" usually it happens in his legs but this evening complained of foot pain and complained that they felt cold. I do not like to medicate unless completely necessary. So instead I do what I saw my mom do for my siblings that experienced growing pains.
    I wrap the feet or legs in a blanket and put my hair dryer on the medium heat and strength setting and blow hot air onto the affected area while gently rubbing the area. My son usually falls asleep while I'm doing this and typically stays asleep. Just a suggestion. Hope this helps with your little ones. Nothing worse then seeing your child in pain.

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