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Notes from the fractured 5th metatarsal battlefield.

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by myleftfoot, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. myleftfoot

    myleftfoot New Member

    On 5/23/10, after accidentally stepping in a pothole while crossing the street ("lame" story! Paun painfully intended!), I was originally diagnosed by an attending ER radiologist and resident (two separate people) in NYC with what they termed a "Jones Fracture". The resident also suggested it might potentially be a "Pseudo-Jones fracture", and advised me of the orthopaedist's likely treatment plan of immobilization for 6-8 weeks, and, in the event of non-union, fixation with a screw. The fitted me with a walking boot and crutches, and advised that a hard cast wouldn't be necessary, but that I must avoid any and all weight-bearing of the effected foot.

    Almost as soon as I left the ER, I began to research such fractures as much as possible, and what I found threw me into a minor panic, as I read through the various horror stories (mainly through this forum).

    A few days later I returned to Boston and was able to see a podiatrist, who's been treating me since. Interestingly enough, he assured me my fracture was "midshaft" and not a Jones (and he furthermore stated he'd never even heard of a "pseudo-Jones fracture"), and that he'd be treating me on the conservative side, smiliar to the ER Dr.'s, but with gradual reintroduction of weight-bearing, with hope for a full discharge within 8 weeks.

    Generally everything has gone to plan; I've followed his treatment diligently and have been taking my usual multivitamin along with additional vitamin D and calcium supplements. The only matters of concern t hus farare that my healing has been fairly minimal as of my most recent x-rays taken 3 weeks ago (he advised me the fracture "hasn't healed as quickly as [I've] hoped", although he assured me this wasn't out of the ordinary, and that the appearance of some "mottling" on the x-ray indicated bone growth and healing), and one week ago as of tomorrow, he decided I should begin full weight-bearing on the walking boot; after spending the remainder of the day bearing full weight, I awoke the next morning to familiar pain at the site of the fracture. I contacted him within the hour to voice my concerns, and he advised I should spend the next week reverting back to partial weight-bearing with my crutches, and that the pain signaled that the fractured bone was still too weak (again with assurances of this being par for the course).

    A week later, and the aforementioned pain at the site of my fracture hasn't returned, aside from just some general soreness I've felt all along. As I'm nearing 8 weeks total since my break, I'm hoping that I'll soon be able to at least forego the crutches; to me, any increased mobility at this point would be a god-send. Prior to my fracture, I was a very active (running & working-out 5x per week), independent 30 year old man. All of this hobbling around and constantly having to seek out the assistance of others for the most menial of tasks has been driving me mad!

    No question here, per se, just wanted to share my story with others who might be going through the same thing, so we can compare notes. I'll try to keep my progress up-to-date in case anyone's interested. Good luck all!

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