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Painful callus on left foot little toe metatarsal

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by omlooper, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. omlooper

    omlooper New Member

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    49 year old male. 6'2", 240lbs. Always been healthy. On no medications. That 240 is down from 280 just last year.

    A year ago I developed severe lower left back pain. My regular practitioner, 3 PTs and an orthopedic surgeon (OS) all noticed that my left leg is shorter than my right leg. 3rd PT that specializes in scoliosis diagnosed SI joint disfunction caused by leg length discrepancy. OS just nodded his head when I told him what PT said. OS gave no official diagnosis.

    OS did recommend a left shoe insert and I was referred to a company that makes custom orthotics. They fitted me with an off the rack orthotic shoe insert that slightly raises my left foot.

    Important: Since I started wearing the insert this past June I have had very little to no back pain. PT, losing weight, exercising core... none of those really worked until I started wearing insert.

    But, in late August I started getting severe pain over the left little toe metatarsal. A callus the size of a BB. (I went back to orthotic fitter and I was given advice on cushioned socks and the right kind of shoes to wear of which I have changed everything)

    Logic would dictate, I guess, that the callus was caused by the insert. The problem is that I don't want to stop wearing the insert.

    After soaking foot in epsom salts and using a pumice stone I can successfully scrape off the callus and get a day or so of relief. But, the callus just grows right back.

    Cost is an issue. Like many Americans I have crap, high deductible health insurance. All out of pocket to $4k. I've already spent about $700 just getting to this point. Starting a podiatrist relationship scares my wallet.

    What I've told my wife is that the back pain was so bad that if I have to deal with this callus the rest of my life then so be it. I'm getting back pain relief!

    A tough one because you don't know the insert. Can pics be posted on this forum?

    How about an easy fix I don't know about? A cushion I can wear over the metatarsals?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    It could be as simple as have the thickness of the insert reduced in the area and the callus debrided.
    Post a photo if you can.
  3. omlooper

    omlooper New Member

    File Oct 25, 11 34 49 AM.jpeg

    File Oct 25, 11 34 59 AM.jpeg

    File Oct 25, 11 35 12 AM.jpeg

    "It could be as simple as have the thickness of the insert reduced in the area"

    The person who fitted me for the orthotic shaved down the insert on my 2nd visit (see 3rd pic) after I had complained of the callus. Now, I still feel pressure on the metatarsal but not in an unusual way. Basically the same as the right metatarsal which is pain free. Is it a matter of making a "donut hole" and shave it down more?

    I also have to say that I have a fairly neutral arch and this insert is high in arch support. Is that a culprit?

    "and the callus debrided."

    Do you mean debride more than I already have with pumice stone? In the ped kit I bought there was also a "cheese grater" and I have used that but carefully.

    Get a dremel callus remover? I have read that it's dangerous to shave down a callus if you don't really know what you're doing.



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