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Painful With Pressure

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by ProvingUnique, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. ProvingUnique

    ProvingUnique New Member

    I dont know all the bones so I'm afraid my description may not be that great.

    Started about 2 weeks ago, the first incident stayed with me about 4days. Then it was almost gone and I thought everything was back to normal. It me hard this morning/last night. I weigh abotu 270/280. Im not too physical anymore and im 28 yrs. old.

    When I walk it hurts the most after the pressure has been taken off. It does hurt when applying pressure too. If it's resting it's not too bad. I consider myself to have a high pain threshold. If I curl my toes it hurts towards my pinky toe. I wouldn.t consider running on it in this condition.

    Here is an image I doctored with Red to indicate the main problem area.

    I haven't went to a doctor yet, but I may be soon.

    Thanks for the read and any possible advice.

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