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Permanent Toe Nail Removal

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by FutureBoy, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. FutureBoy

    FutureBoy New Member

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    I'm interested in getting all 10 toenails permanently removed. I live in the Seattle area. Do podiatrists do this kind of service? Or do I need to have some immediate pressing issue to motivate the toenail removal?

    Ideally I would find a podiatrist here in the Seattle area where I could get this done.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Unless there is a medical necessitated reason to do it, you will probably not find a podiatrist who would be willing to do it.
  3. FutureBoy

    FutureBoy New Member

    So I wonder how open to interpretation this is.

    I grew up overseas with severe hang nail issues. At about age 30 a podiatrist first told me about the possibility of just killing the nail bed to keep the issue from ever happening again. OMG! 30 years of serious issues and that was the first anyone ever told me that such a solution was possible. So at the time, I had the sides of both large toenails permanently removed. That has been a total cure for the ingrown hangnails. I'm so glad I did that.

    In the last few years, my father had dementia and had to go into assisted living before passing away. While in assisted living, there was a podiatrist that would come around and cut the toenails of the various residents. This got me thinking about the long-term needs I myself may end up with. Additionally, I have added some weight in recent years and it is now very difficult to cut my own toenails. As such, I'd like to preemptively deal with the whole toenail issue before I end up needing regular doctor visits just to cut my toenails.

    So does that qualify as a medical necessity? In my mind it does.
  4. Cherubina

    Cherubina New Member

    I've seen this done -- to an athlete; I saw his feet at the beach. I've always thought similarly, that this is a good idea for some people with chronic issues and a matter of convenience. (If you are otherwise healthy, no diabetes, or etc.) Toenails do help a bit with your balance and stability when walking... which is probably why most work-a-day physicians wouldn't remove them. I would consider this a boutique medical issue. In the USA you'd have to find maybe a hand surgeon, plastic surgeon or somebody who caters to body modification -- it would be a long hard search but you might find someone to do it -- and you'd definitely have to pay cash, no insurance involvement. Or go to Mexico or another country and pay cash in a similar manner. You have to do one foot at a time to allow healing. Good luck!

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