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Plantar plate injury and Freiburg's disorder

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Hannag, May 23, 2017.

  1. Hannag

    Hannag New Member

    I would like some direction on 2 decisions I need to make.

    First I'm told I had Freiburgs disorder inactive, as shown on MRI, which was ordered to pin down metatarsal pain. 2 podiatrists have agreed on plantar plate sprain grade 1 to metatarsals 2-4.

    I'm supposed to get a cam boot, stiff walking boot or rocker shoe. I've had issues getting a rocker shoes that fits depth wise with my custom orthotic and the metatarsal pad. Any recommendations on this? I have horrible insurance and gave up on my gp who is obsessed with my thyroid. I'm a self payer. I'm happy to go with the boot or cam. Does it make a difference which one? Do I need to try it on before I buy? Does it need to be high quality?

    I've gone to physical therapy 4x, first great experience with light exercises and ultrasound, unfortunately I moved away. 2nd was dynamic therapy, I made no progress and insurance refused to continue. Last appointment the therapist, was very rough and in 2 years I'm not quite recovered from what he did. 3rd therapy lots of exercises, and TENS machine - no progress.

    I saw area rockstar podiatrist, fixed up my orthotics did ultrasound, I was completely pain free for 4 days. Haven't been able to get an appointment with him again.

    I can do more PT but am frightened about being hurt. New therapist was very excited about digging into my foot and getting rid of scar tissue and rolling a bottle under my foot and stretching my calves. Would I be better just buying myself an ultrasound machine? I have pages and pages of foot exercises I can assign myself.

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