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plantar wart removal after pulsed-dye laser

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by foot problem, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. foot problem

    foot problem New Member

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    I recently went to see my podiatrist for wart removal from my foot. I have 4 on my L foot. 3 small ones on my 4th toe which are more recent and 1 big one on the bottom of my foot that i've had for more than a decade. my podiatrist says that the big one is actually a cluster of 9-10 warts. after some discussion, we went with the pulsed-dye laser with the understanding that it shouldn't be painful or affect my normal daily activities.

    days after the procedure - the areas of my feet were inflamed, i had to go to the ER due to blood blister drainage and pain associated with it. i've been limping for about a week and it's been draining since. i followed up with my podiatrist just 2 days ago (about 10 days after the pulsed dye laser procedure) and he physically cut out or it looks like he debrided the area of the bad black tissue that has formed over.

    i finally removed the wraps today and it just doesn't look right. my L foot and 4th toe just looks like it's been butchered and i was hoping someone could tell me if this was normal? sorry for the disturbing pictures photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg

    photo 4.jpg
  2. Rob1313

    Rob1313 Guest

    That looks painful! I'm sorry you've been dealing with that!

    I was able to get rid of a big plantar wart that I struggled with for two years by using a method consisting of duct tape 24/7, epsom salt soaks everyday and salicylic acid pads at the end. It took about three weeks.

    It's now completely gone and I don't even have a mark.

    You can read more about the method I used if you'd like to try it at a blog I created to document it:


    There are also Before and After photos showing the progress I made.

    Best of luck!

  3. Liljen

    Liljen Guest


    Plantar Warts suck. I've had the pulse dye treatment twice now and it is looking good. It is extrememly painful after the procedure for a few weeks. It is normal to get a blood blister (and normal blisters), pain and swelling. Once the blood bllisters go away, it just looks like black dead skin. Which freaked me out at first but is normal. After they remove the dead tissue, mine did look very sore and it ended up scabbing up. I had one on my big toe and a larger area below my third and fourth toes. (Not fun!)
    While mine was healing I was applying the Aldara cream to it every 12 hours. Some days I would cover the area with a bandaid then cover the bandaid with duct tape (this helped alot of soften the area when I had the blood blisters so I could drain them myself).

    I had my treatment about 5 weeks ago and it is looking good, but I was wondering if you are experiencing any pain where the treatment was still? I find that my foot is still sore like it used to be when I had the warts. Sore to walk on sometimes and after running it can be painful.

    How did your foot end up healing? Did the warts return?

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