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Please advise!...or suggestions welcome

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Deez, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Deez

    Deez New Member

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    Hi once again. I am experiencing ongoing trouble concerning my left big toe. First, awhile back the nail became impossible to trim, as it hardened and kept growing thicker and thicker. (still is too). Then, I experienced shooting sharp pains brought on suddenly while I was laying down, traveling up my leg also.
    It soon subsided, and I just let it go. Then, this morning upon waking, I was experiencing terribly sharp pains in my big toe, as if needles were going underneath my nail. Very painful indeed. Has anyone had this happen, or do you know what this might be? Or maybe the causes? Any thoughts welcome!:confused:
  2. Cardinal Lady

    Cardinal Lady New Member

    I don't know where to ask my questions at so I hno one minds I have a burning feeling under my big toe the skin feels really hot it's the size of a nickel, sometimes the other big toe gets the same burning on the side I thought it was a in grown toe nail but I guess not. Please Help it really hurts Thanks for letting me ask for Help
  3. Donellas Feet

    Donellas Feet New Member

    Could be an in-grown nail in my opinion.
  4. Donellas Feet

    Donellas Feet New Member

    Did you get checked for a doctor and did they confirm that it was definitely not an in-grown nail? I had almost the exact same symptoms you describe and it turned out to be an in-grown nail.

    Best x

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