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Please Help, Cuboid Syndrome

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Ankle_Pain, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Ankle_Pain

    Ankle_Pain New Member

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    If anyone that reads this forum, especially a Podiatrist, Orthopedic, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or even a member can give me some advice, I'd be eternally grateful.

    I've been posting on these forums for years in hope for some answers as to why I can't ambulate without pain. I have seen many specialists from every specialty multiple times to rule out everything possible. (Spinal, Neurology, Rheumatology, Vascular and many, many more)

    I've been to at least 10+ Orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons and probably more bio-mechanical Podiatrists in my area than one can imagine.

    I've had at least 10 pairs of custom orthotics made with many adjustments that only made the pain worse. (It's mechanical and nerve-related pain) CRPS has been ruled out and my problem is bilateral.

    I've had so many blocks, massage therapy, acupuncture and most conservative therapies that offered no relief.

    I can only walk 20 minutes a day to change and bath (with assistance) and have laid in a bed all of this time, praying for help for three long years.

    When I bear weight, I have such terrible lateral foot pain and swelling, as well as nerve pain. If I stay in bed all day and night, I don't hurt and the nerve pain dissipates. It's only upon weight-bearing.

    I've been given so many diagnoses thus far and none of them are accurate. I feel as if everyone that I've seen wants to throw things at a wall and see what sticks. They've all since abandoned me. I've been to pain clinics numerous times and was told "we don't do feet."

    Regardless, I went to my chiropractor around the Holidays and he asked if he could adjust my cuboid bones (as they were painful upon touch) and with the extreme pain I was in, told him sure. He used an arthrostim on the top of both cuboid bones on each foot, as well as on the bottom of each foot. He then told me to get up and try to walk.

    It was like a miracle occurred! I walked pain-free and "normal" for the first time in my 3 years of lying in a bed, considering suicide. (I'm ashamed to say) He asked to see my many MRI's and while I know this syndrome doesn't typically show up on MRI/X-Ray, he showed me a tremendous amount of edema in/around these cuboid bones and told me, we've got it! I was in tears of joy, thinking this nightmare was finally over.

    I was so happy, I came home and danced with my husband, walked the stairs (which I haven't been able to do in 3 years) and walked up and down the street several times with no pain. I was "me" again, not the disabled woman lying in that bed for 3 years. Words cannot express...

    That night, (about 3 hours after the adjustment) the pain returned. I've since gone back to the Chiropractor on three occasions and he hasn't been able to quite replicate the relief that I achieved on the first visit. He said that manual manipulation would be far more accurate than his arthrostim. I asked for suggestions of another Chiropractor from him (as he's more of a family friend) and he said most Chiropractors in the area are using arthrostim. He said the only reason he uses it is due to carpal tunnel from years of manually adjusting people.

    On my last visit, he said that my cuboids were locked up or subluxed (I can't remember exactly) adjusted me again and taped me while there and put a cuboid pad in.

    Since then, I saw the only bio-mechanical Podiatrist that has been in my corner throughout this ordeal. (I've seen him over 200 times and have been given about the same in diagnoses) He tries, but seems unsure most of the time and gives me a different diagnosis on each visit. I'm desperate but feel that I've exhausted all other bio-mechanical Podiatrists in my area. He insists on continuously adjusting all of these orthotics and I've told him that they cause me more pain.

    He did an ultrasound-guided lidocaine/steroid block into my cuboid bones. He also commented on all of the edema within/in the cuboids. I had relief for hours from the mechanical pain, as well as the horrible nerve pain for hours, although the pain eventually came back. He used a cuboid pad and taping following this procedure, as well.

    That was last Friday and now he wants me to come back this Friday to have this procedure done again. I'm hesitant as I didn't believe steroid shots were to be used so frequently. It's only been a week. I'm likely going to decline this shot.

    I asked what my options are and he said bilateral ankle fusions unless you can find someone to manually adjust these bones for you. He didn't think that arthrostim that the Chiropractor used was sufficient enough. The bio-mechanical Podiatrist said he does not adjust these bones and I'd be hard pressed in finding someone who does. I don't understand why someone who specializes in bio-mechanics of the foot would not know how to do this.

    Why would I need bilateral ankle fusions for a problem that when manipulated, gave me 3 hours of pure pain relief? My MRI's are clear and I have no arthritis to warrant such a procedure.

    I've contacted every Orthopedic, Foot and Ankle surgeon, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, etc. that I've ever seen and am usually met with: "I don't manipulate the cuboid bones." I've spent countless hours trying to find anyone who could do this for me and have come up empty handed. The most I was told was to get a wheelchair. I had already tried one on many occasions and there's something with the pedal placement or foot placement that offers me no relief, it's not much better than walking. (I have been cleared on all occasions as I said with my spine, saw several Spinal and Neurosurgeons, along with MRI's of my entire back, as well as EMG's) I've continuously been told it's my feet, likely bio-mechanical in nature.

    It is now believed that this entire nightmare occurred after Spring cleaning in my attic for two weeks straight, sitting plantar flexed on my feet. Shortly thereafter, this nightmare began.

    I live in the Cleveland area. If anyone can offer me any suggestions, contacts or anyone that could help me, please reach out to me. As I said, I would be eternally grateful.

    I'm so desperate and don't know how much longer I can lie in this bed. I used to be an active 50 year old woman who played one on one basketball with her adult son before this happened. Now, I lay in a bed disabled at age 53 and feel as if I'm 90. I'm not overweight, I'm 5'6 and 120 lbs if that helps.

    I'll always remember those 3 hours of unexpected pain-relief that I had one day. I thought a miracle had occurred but from what I've read, one may need several adjustments, especially if you've had it for years such as myself.

    The past 3 years have done a job on my body with disuse atrophy (although I had no problem walking up and down stairs for that glorious three hours). My hips and back are now causing me pain, it's almost impossible to sleep. Every physical therapist, massage therapist and chiropractor have told me, it's coming from your feet, yet no one can offer any help.

    I'm not a drama-ridden person but I'm in dire need of help. I can't manage this pain much longer. I'm posting this after 1am because I walked for 19 minutes today and am miserable.

    I want to spend the rest of my years growing old with my husband and see my son get married and have children one day. I'm not sure that's possible unless I can find help and I'm striking out in that department.

    If anyone has anything to offer, even advice, I'd love to hear from you.

    I wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year.
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  2. Ankle_Pain

    Ankle_Pain New Member

    Anyone with any ideas?

    So desperate. :(

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