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Please help ... Ongoing foot pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Stevie_D, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Stevie_D

    Stevie_D Guest

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    This is going to be a bit of a story, so please bear with me.

    I have had an intermittent (but ongoing) problem for around 5-6 years now.

    The symptoms/pain i get are the same back then as now.

    It can affect either foot (somehow never at the same time - thank god!) and usually only flares up overnight.

    It can affect and start on any area of my foot... big toe, instep, ball, both side of ankle, side of foot or heel. But then gradually over the course of a week or so move around the foot - as im guessing i'm not completely walking on it correctly when it hurts.

    Symptoms can be intense pain, almost like a break (not that ive had one), or swelling, or pain when i put pressure on it.

    Pain can be relieved by rest ... or elevating the foot or even sometimes sitting and putting it on a flat surface or even as im typing now resting on my toes with the heel in the air. It can occuring during walking or even be painful when resting thus making sleep difficult at times.

    When it first started it would happen every 1-2 months and last about a week before just disappearing ... and wouldn't affect either foot in a regular pattern.

    (When it first started i had to take time of walk because just couldnt put weight on it. Now when it flares up .. im in the practice of trying to walk on it as properly as possible!)

    After visiting the doc initially nothing was diagnosed at all - no obvious signs of a strain or break (or even gout! when was affecting the big toe)

    I eventually went to a private podiatrist who I knew as a friend .. and he did a bio-mechanical test and advise i would need specially made orthotics to wear - as when i walked by feet rolled inwards - thus creating more tension on ligaments/tendons etc. Coupled with my calfs and hamstrings being tight he said would just randomly cause my foot to flare up with pain. He showed me various exercises to do to try and keep my calfs and hamstrings loose.

    The orthotics stopped it happening every 1-2 months and it only flared up every 6 months after that with pain/symptoms only lasting a few days.

    Now as the years have gone past it seems to be coming back more and more regularly and currently am in the middle of a 3 week spell where it hasnt gone away.

    I spoke to the podiatrist at the end of last year and he advised that there was nothing further i could do and suggest regular Physio on my calfs and hamstrings.

    The fact that the last bout has been going on for 3 weeks - I am going to see the doctor this week ... but having been fobbed off before and reading various problems online about years of other peoples undiagnosed pain... i have various questions...

    - Does what the podiatrist said make sense?
    - What possible (other) causes (and remedies) could there be?
    - What specialist should I be asking my doctor to go and see?

    And please can someone tell me i'm not going mad! The randomness of where on my foot it flares up is frustrating to say the least. And when it does flare up - it justs seems to take over your life.

  2. AussiePod

    AussiePod New Member

    You should see a pain specialist.

    You need a diagnosis. There's no way to suggest treatment without knowing what the problem is.

    Consider that the pain in your feet may be a result of problems further up the leg, even in your back.
  3. Stevie_D

    Stevie_D Guest

    There are so many different and confusing symptoms with it was difficult to put all down in words.

    With my ankle having been swollen for the past 3 weeks and pain worse at night ... Espcially over the past weekend where I got about one hours sleep a night - I went to a local podiatrist for a '2nd Opinion' on Monday.

    Immediately on seeing the swelling and hearing of the symptoms - she referred me straight to my doctors to have a blood test and refer me to a rheumatologist - as some systemic / inflammatory / rheumatoid arthritis is the first thing she wants to confirm / rule out. Symptoms do seem to fit arhtritis so will wait and see.

    Saw the doc - with a letter from the podiatrist - who gave me a blood test, sent me for an xray too.

    Appt in 14 days witht the doc to go through x-ray and blood test results ... so I'll keep you posted how I get on .. for info for other people with undiagnosed / intermittent problems.


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