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Post-surgical Ingrown Toenail ... looks UGLY!

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by SunnySouthTexas, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. SunnySouthTexas

    SunnySouthTexas New Member

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    Hi there!

    I dropped in as a "lurker" for a few weeks before I took the plunge and had some ingrown toenail surgery - so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect of the procedure.

    However... :rolleyes:

    I had the surgery to remove BOTH side of BOTH toes, with Phenol stuffed up in the cuticle to liquefy the matrix.

    Doc had told me to expect 3-4 days of flip-flops, followed by a week or so of loose shoes. My follow up appt was scheduled for 10 days Post Op. (Bactoban twice a day, foot soaks at night, showers in morning, bandaid coverage 24/7...)

    Not having much in the way of visual aids, on Day 10 I arrive for appointment, after having spent all 10 days in flip-flops because they really still hurt quite a bit.

    Apparently, I had a severe reaction to the phenol, as HUGE SADDLEBAGS of blisters dangling off of each side of each toe was not quite what he had meant when they told me to expect drainage as the matrix melted out and weeped away... (who knew? not me.)

    So a few days ago, he prescribes me some Augmentin and tells me to keep them bandaged half-time with Bactoban - and dry Bandaids the rest of the time.

    These things STILL look absolutely horrid... :eek: and I've been on the Augmentin for 3 or so days now.

    The nailbeds themselves don't really look too bad, or even really hurt - but the meat of my toes is scary looking. (to my untrained eye)

    Do I need a different Doctor? Is this what they're supposed to look like??

    Its been 13 days and I still can barely walk...

    Reluctant to post a picture, as they are really pretty gruesome...
    Traci in Texas
  2. SunnySouthTexas

    SunnySouthTexas New Member

    Thanks for the help, guys! Glad I shared...

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