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Protruding Bone

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    I recently visited my doctor with regards to a lump which i have had on the outside of my left foot for about a year. Initially i didn't think much of it, however, it has become increasingly more painful and uncomfortable particularly when walking long distances or exercising.

    My doctor's initial thoughts were that it was a gangillon and he used a syringe to attempt to drain the fluid from it, however, there was no fluid present. My doctor has therefore told me that he will refer me to a foot specialist for surgery.

    I have since found out that protruding bones are common amongst my family although i can't seem to find any information about these online.

    Does anyone have any personal experiences of protruding bones and the types of treatment and recovery timelines?

    This is obviously something which i will be asking my doctor when i next visit him, however, i may need to wait several months for an appointment to see a foot specialist and if i do require surgery then this will effect what duties i can carry out at work.
  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    Although this might not apply to you, in my experience when a patient complains of a "protrusion" on the outside of the foot, more often than not he/she is describing a naturally occurring prominence of bone know as the styloid process of the base of the fifth metatarsal. Everyone has it, as it is an anatomic prominence, but it is generally more obvious on a long narrow foot. This may or may not be what you are talking about and even if so it still may be protruding out far enough to become a shoe fitting problem or a point of irritation and inflammation and the bone may or may not be normal or may be injured, even including fractured. I would think that any doctor would know about this natural prominence, and so I might be totally barking up the wrong tree and only a knowledgeable examination can determine that.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Thank you for your reply. If this is the case and it is a natural protrusion do you know if there is any treatment available or is it just left as it is? It wasn't mentioned by my doctor and he seemed of the opinion that it was definately a gangillon although when he inserted a syringe into it there was no fluid there which is why he has referred me to a foot specialist for surgery to be considered.

    I spoke to my Mum who visited her doctor a few years ago with a similar thing. At the time her doctor was also of the opinion that she had a gangillon although when she was seen by a foot specialist and x-rays were taken it was confirmed as being a protruding bone. In her case she was told that surgery was not an option as it was located around the ankle whilst mine is on the outside of my foot halfway between my little toe and ankle.

    I'm obviously going to wait and see what the foot specialist says as and when i do get an appointment to see him/her although i thought it best to find out what the treatments are for gangillons/protruding bones as the discomfort and pain that i have has meant that i have had to inform my employer that i may be required to carry out light duties following any surgery. This is not a problem, however, any indication that i could give them as to recovery times would help me greatly.

    I work as a police officer and my current role involves a lot of physical exertion which i struggle with at times due to the pain and discomfort my foot causes me. It's something i've been trying to ignore for about a year or so although i think now is the time to get it sorted out once and for all as i don't want it to cause any complications in the future.

    Thank you again for your reply.

    Edited to add: Although it is clearly visible on my left foot i can't see or feel anyhting similar on my right foot.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Another thing i forgot to mention is the fact that i seem to be getting a lot of numbness in my foot as well. I'm not sure if this is related to the lump i have, i'll have to discuss that with the specialist. My main reason for posting was to get some information about the treatments and recovery times.
  5. Foot Doc

    Foot Doc Guest

    I fail to understand your replies. If it IS a naturally occurring protrusion and as you have ascribed no symptoms to it, why are you interested in treatment?

  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Maybe i should have been a bit clearer. My question wasn't meant to try to help diagnose the problem. I've been told by my doctor that it is either a gangillon or a protruding bone and he has told me that surgery is the only option as it is causing pain, discomfort and numbness. My question was, what does the surgery involve for these and what are the recovery times. It is something i'm going to ask my doctor when i next see him but i need to inform my employer at the earliest opportunity so i thought it might be an idea to try and find out myself in the mean time.
  7. Foot Doc

    Foot Doc Guest

    I honestly have no idea how you could have any expectation that anyone could answer your question, given that the suggested diagnoses are obviously mere guess work and surgery may or may not be indicated and even if it were, it would not be possible to offer you any sort of clear picture of what it might entail given the uncertainty of what might be worked upon. Medicine and surgery is not cook book. Why don't you simply call and ask your doctor?

  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    "FOOT DOC" was pretty charmless, clueless, sanctimonious. Sheesh! I'm wondering if the original poster ever found relief--whether temporary or permanent--for this problem? I've got the same thing going on and am looking for some short-term helps--since a long-term solution/surgery isn't an option in the immediate future. Yeah, I know--this isn't the same thing as seeing a podiatrist for a real diagnosis. I hope to be able to do this eventually. But Obamacare has made this impossible for the time being, so I'm trying to get by in the meantime.
  9. mumbogumbo

    mumbogumbo Guest

    I have protruding bones on the outside of each foot, about half way down the foot. I was born this way and so was my father and brother and now my son. I never had any problems and I thought it was normal, that is until I became a teen and aware of others wearing sandles ! I've never had any problems or pain, just not a very pretty foot, especially for a lady! And, it is a bit difficult to find comfortable shoes unless they are sneakers.
    Good luck to you!
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  10. Rebecca

    Rebecca Guest

    I have a prominent bone on both feel on the outside. They have always been there and I have very narrow and thin feet. It makes it hard to find shoes and I have resorted to "old lady" styles with soft sides. I might have a corn on the left foot now where the bone sticks out and will see if it can be removed. if I wear soft shoes it doesn't bother me, but it has become painful and red from wearing shoes that touch that area and do not have any "give". My Mom also had thin bony feet. I can feel a similar bone sticking out on both hands too--though not as much and no problem with "shoes" on hands of course.
  11. I have had these similar bone protrusions on each foot since I was a teen (I'm now 38) and they are now causing me pain. I even remember the moment they occurred. I didn't have them until one day (as a teen) I was running across a field. I landed hard on one foot and received pain and noticed the protrusion. Then, that same day, the same thing happened on my other foot. I've had them ever since. I have thin bony feet too. Walking for long periods hurts and feels like they're bruised. Just throwing my story into the mix.

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