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recovery time for partial matrixectomy w/phenol?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by daniel, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. daniel

    daniel Guest

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    i had the procedure done on my big toe 18 days ago to mitigate ingrown toenail. dr said to change dressing the next day (and every day thereafter) and use amerigel to promote drainage. saw dr after 2 weeks as scheduled (i.e., 3 days ago). toe was red and sore so i suspected infection - dr said no infection. redness was byproduct of chemical burn; pain was to be expected. he proceeded to scrape along both sides of nail, which was very painful esp on one side. suggested i start soaking in epsom salt 2x/day (to promote continued drainage) and come back in another 10 days. toe feels somewhat better after bathing, but i'm concerned because it is still very red on top and extremely sensitive to the touch (esp on one side).

    maybe i had unreasonable expectations for recovery time, but i didn't think recovery would be so painful. can anyone w/experience shed any light on this? i realize that every case is different, but does my experience seem atypical?
  2. chachaviv

    chachaviv Guest

    Had my procedure 2/4/13...needles were very painful...recovery has been same as you...very painful...hard sleeping with weight of sheet and blanket hurting both big toes...back after 10 days due to extreme pain...dr. cleaned out sides and said no infection but put me on Cephalexin for 7 days..said pain was from chemical burn and it would continue to drain and be somewhat painful for probably another 10 days...so I think what your are experiencing is par for the course with this type procedure as I am experiencing the same...not able to even consider putting shoe on either foot at this point...who knew this would be such a long time healing procedure...but I am hopeful it eliminates the problems I have been having for many many painful years...hang it...here's hoping it gets better...I am hoping!!!
  3. Bex987

    Bex987 Guest

    I had phenol applied to my right big toe in April ans had few infections after but now it is fabulous! Best thing I ever done & now considering doing on my left toe as I dropped a chair on that nail and looks as if its going to happen again! Anyone had their toe fully repair and actually painted it? Going on holiday soon & unsure what to do?! Thanks!
  4. Linda1974

    Linda1974 Guest

    Well, I have had an ingrown nail on my right big toe, growing from the right side of the root (matrix). I have had it for about 20 years, I think it was a result of an injury but can no longer remember. Within the last 2 years I have had it removed 4 times, 3 partial, and one completely, only for it to come out again, very painful couple of years. All these 4 past procedures I had done at a walk in clinic until my husband finally convinced me to go to a podiatrist. I got the partial matrixectomy with phenol last Tuesday with a podiatrist, 6 days ago, and this is the first time in the 5 times I've had it done that is taking longer to heal, I do notice redness where the phenol was applied and very sensitive to touch, but I do go to sleep with no problem. It drained for the first few days and then it developed a little coating, then yesterday it started hurting and today I noticed the coating was gone and it was bleeding a little again. It is currently draining again. Since it looks very red, I was concerned about infection, but I think my healing process is doing exactly what yours did, so that makes me feel better. Maybe this longer healing period means it will actually be gone for good. Hopefully this 5th time is the final one. Greetings to all and thank you so much for sharing your stories. It definitely helps.
  5. Guest1982

    Guest1982 Guest

    I had a partial matrixectomy done on both big toes after they finally became infection free. I was on 3 rounds of antibiotics and anti fungals before they healed. The 2 shots on each side was very painful. My podiatrist wrapped the toe up and gave me a 50/50 salt vinegar recipe mix for a foot soak 2 times a day after removing the bandage. I took 2 doses aspirin after the procedure and that was it. Not much pain. I kept my feet elevated and stayed in bed for the first 3 days and minimized movement for about a week. The wound stopped bleeding by day 4. I went back 10 days later For a checkup and everything looked good. I stopped soaking after 3 weeks. I work from home and went barefoot so that may have helped the healing process. Now it has been 6 months. The nail didn’t grow back but there is occasional redness and feels like inflammation where it looks like the nail is curving downward. I may need to go back to my podiatrist before I get another infection and maybe doing a full matrixectomy.

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