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Red Bumps occuring after Toe nail injury

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by FallToWinter, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. FallToWinter

    FallToWinter New Member

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    Hello, Many months ago.. I stubbed my Toe (big toe) rather hard nail first. I didnt think much of it however I noticed several weeks later a red lump had appeared. My nail also has turned yellow-black so that I assume is fungus - I have used and continue to use Hydrogen peroxide and Things like Neosporin. and Epsom salt soaking. These Lumps (as a smaller second one has appeared in the right corner area at the top of the nail ) are both at the top of the nail-skin area not on the sides. And the nail itself appears to now have a 'valley' if you will sort of like a indent running along the top. This is mostly painless as long as I dont Run with shoes on , or something of that nature though it does make walking sometimes uncomfortable. Also initially when poked at it would bleed (i have since not poked at it) The color on both is simply red .. like a Red lump they are not 'huge' either. At this point I am assuming granuloma but, any opinions are welcomed.

    I have a photo I can post a link or message it to you if someone thinks it would help with any opinion as to what this may be.

    Thank you in advance. ^_^
  2. Podwoman

    Podwoman New Member

    After single major trauma to your toe, as you have described, it is not abnormal for part/all of the nail to turn black. This is the result of bleeding under the nail, in just the same way as a bruise is formed under your skin in other parts of the body. This discolouration may take several months to grow out.
    I cannot tell from your description whether or not you have actually split the nail longitundinally. If you are still having problems so long after the initial injury it is worth seeing a podiatrist just to have it checked out.

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