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Rehab After Fracture

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by rose girl, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. rose girl

    rose girl New Member

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    I just got released to walk without the boot or crutches and after being NWB for 8 weeks, walking has been hard and I am in a lot of pain. How long can I expect to feel pain? I haven't been able to ditch the crutches yet because it's so bad. I've been trying stretches and such but it's been hard. Any advice?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Hard to say without seeing it and what exactly is causing the pain.
    Whatever you do, just say within the limits of the pain and be guided by that.
    Contact the surgeon if you are concerned about progress.
  3. Hairstylistwoes

    Hairstylistwoes New Member

    Rose Girl I’m at six weeks today since my fracture and see doc on Thursday. I’m following your posts hoping I get to start some weight bearing soon. Sad to hear it’s causing you so much pain! Any improvement over the last few days since you posted this question? This forum has has the most positive reports on jones fractures I’ve seen. My is comminuted and I was told that because of that it can’t be called a “true jones fracture” idk I’ve been going crazy with no doctor input for six whole weeks!! Good luck to you on your progression.
  4. rose girl

    rose girl New Member

    Hey, how did your doc appointment go?! I did have a lot of issues with mine but I'm glad it's finally almost over (I hope!). But yeah, during the 8 weeks of no weight bearing I went crazy. I wanted to see an X-ray with improvement every day lol. But since I posted this I'm doing better! I'm using one crutch when I have classes or go out but at home I've been really trying not to use it at all unless it gets really sore. Really pushing past the pain and stretching any time I'm sitting is helping a lot. I don't know why I expected to be able to walk right away lol. But I think things are improving. I hope you got some good news and can do some weight bearing! Let me know! Even when I could do a little bit I felt so much better.
  5. Hairstylistwoes

    Hairstylistwoes New Member

    I’m doing some foot strength exercises and next week he thinks I should start putting some weight on it. I was so scared to even take the boot off I can’t imagine taking a step! So afraid to have a setback! Told me at my next follow up I might be leaving in my regular shoes. Which sounds exciting but again scary ha.

    sounds like great improvement for you if your walking without crutches at all sometimes! Congrats on being one step closer to being yourself again. That’s what everyone wants and what makes us crazy right!?

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