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Relief of Neuroma with ART?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by sami, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. sami

    sami New Member

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    Has anyone else had success with ART therapy for Neuroma?

    It certainly has worked for me!

    Neuroma pain started in October 2007. Maybe from aggressive Mt Biking in tight shoes, not sure, at 51 could be a lot of things. I am a TV cameraman on my feet all day sometimes.

    Foot Dr. diagnosed pain as Morton's Neuroma and said Cortizone shots, or Surgery were my options, but to start with changing shoes and/or using inserts.

    After researching and seeing 50% success on surgery I wanted to find something that worked. One forum mentioned ART, so I found a chiropractor that teaches the ART (Active Release Technique). I figured he knew what he was doing. Doctors, Physical Therapists, and chiropractors can practice ART therapy after training.

    The 15 minute treatments consisted of a few minutes of lazer light, followed by ART. (Lazer is not part of the ART- it is just what this Chiropractor uses). In a nutshell ART is moving the foot through all its range while manipulating the ligaments and nerves. He finds the areas that are 'stuck' or where the ligaments have adhered to each other or the nerve - and does something close to deep tissue massage to loosen them up. The treatments were quite painful! - but so was the neuroma.

    After the first treatment I noticed I could walk with less pain. After 5 treatments, and changing my shoes (to Brooks Beast, and Keen w/ arch molds inserts) the neuroma was practically gone!

    I had to pay attention to the way I walked ( heel through toe) and I massaged and stretched my foot yet, I have been pain free for the past 16 months!

    Ha anyone else has success here?
  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    THE FOLLOWING REPRESENTS ONLY MY PERSONAL OPINION FROM WHAT I GLEANED FROM VIEWING THE WEB SITE OF ART . . . But . . Uh-oh . . . This sounds to me very much like the opening planted salvo to be follow by a bunch of chiropractors and other persons asserting that they are patients who will sing the praise of this technique. I can neither debunk its value nor verify it, but according to my understand it is a proprietary and patented treatment technique which is taught and I get the impression "franchised" so to speak I think mainly to chiropractors for a fee. It is promoted on their web site with claims of what sounds to me to be one-stop-shopping for whatever ails ya . . . not limited to from headaches to problems regarding muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, tennis elbow . . and not just treatment but PERMANENT resolution. I saw NO mention of a Sham-WOW or a Slap-Cop with every treatment, but do check out their ART-ware merchandise in their E-Store featuring men's/unisex, lady's ware and athletic apparel. . all seemingly emblazoned with the ART logo.

    My personal belief is that bonafide medical treatment advances are not proprietary and are generally shared without cost or restriction to other practitioners, and, personally, I stay away from any which are sold or franchised to only those providers willing to pay for the ability to administer such care. I really cannot speak to the motives of the poster, but I would not be surprised to see this post followed up by a flurry of other similar testimonials. One should use his/her own judgment in assessing the validity of what one hears. And remember caveat emptor.
  3. I am a fellow Moretons sufferer. Mine was beginning to affect gait, keep me awake at night and the pins and needles in my toes was driving me mad. I had deep tissue massage done initially by a Sports Massage Therapist, followed by ultrasound. The massage was agonising but improved the Moretons thousand-fold immediately. I now practice ultrasound and do deep tissue work, joint manipulation and ultrasound to quite a high intensity on not only myself, but also on clients and I and they find it definitely helps. It won't cure the problem but the manual work seems to relieve the pressure and the ultrasound reduces the pain and inflammation.

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