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ring toe?big toe numb feels tied with string

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Moe Beneke

    Moe Beneke Guest

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  2. Moe Beneke

    Moe Beneke Guest

    I have the same thing but on varying toes and feet. It's really annoying and, to me, it feels to me like a hair wrapped around the toe. I haven't said anything to my doctor because I've had so many medical problems these past two years she's going to think I'm a hypochondriac. Has anyone been told there's something to worry about?
  3. Diane Goller

    Diane Goller Guest

    Lots of us! Mine is tied to a lumbar laminectomy microdiscectomy at L5-S1 9 weeks ago. Big toe is numb. Cannot move any toes up. PT helps temporarily. Mine makes it difficult to walk.
  4. Diane Goller

    Diane Goller Guest

    Yes, somebody help us! Dr Scholl ought to have something for this. Docs and PT cannot truly understand, but real sure mine is nerve related because of recent back surgery. Makes it very hard to walk. Almost like a pebble/ring.
  5. Sarah234

    Sarah234 Guest

    THIS people. The answer was posted and NO one acknowledges it. THANK YOU Stacey for posting the answer to this. I appreciate finally knowing why I always feel there is a string around my toe. This has been driving me mad for about 4 years. READ THE LINK STACEY POSTED IF YOU WANT TO FIND THE ANSWER!
  6. Ngaire

    Ngaire Guest

  7. Gemma

    Gemma Guest

    I had surgery on my back and woke up with feeling some thing round my toe they said cos bruising and swelling round spine that was 10 weeks ago still same and hurts to touch toe or put weight on it when walking, after a night shift as care assistant the pain is unbearable waiting for doctor appointment
  8. Gcd

    Gcd Guest

  9. Gcd

    Gcd Guest

    A plausible theory as the toe affected on me also has a stubborn nail fungus. Will try anti fungal treatment. Thanks for the clue.
  10. Bel

    Bel Guest

    I agree, I saw Stacey's post and knew it was the answer for me.
  11. Bel

    Bel Guest

    Thank you Stacey
  12. Mag

    Mag Guest

    I had a big toe joint replacement and a hammer toe next to it shaved down. My podiatrist says the "bound" feeling is because the swelling is pressing on a nerve, which gives me hope that it isn't permanent.
  13. My big toe feels as if the sock is bunched up under it. Not really painful, not really numb, but uncomfortable. Is this the same sensation being described here? Usually it goes away in a couple of days, but this time it is hanging on for several days.
  14. Deedoodle

    Deedoodle Guest

    MS is what it is
  15. Rhonda

    Rhonda Guest

    Some people look for reasoning first, before they trust a doc they can't afford, or do not have Obama care. It takes food off the table.
  16. Dee

    Dee Guest

    I have the phantom string around my left big toe. There are no extenuating diseases or surgeries. I live in hot, muggy, Florida, which means I also live in flip flops. So, I figure it has to do with the pressure from the middle thingie on the shoe. Nothing to do about it until the temp drops below a million so I can wear different shoes.

    Finding this thread using the search "my big toe feels like there's a hair wrapped around it" made my day!
  17. Lola

    Lola Guest

    I have the same issue, asked my doctor and the doctor had no clue! Seriously?! What am I supposed to do now?
  18. kelli

    kelli Guest

  19. Claire

    Claire Guest

  20. Laura9

    Laura9 Guest

    I also had a ring around my third right toe. It felt like a string or hair wrapped around my toe. I could not see anything there. It felt tighter as the day progressed. At night I put lotion and oil around the area and walked around in flip flops. I guess it loosened up because it turned out to be a long strand of human hair. My hair is blonde so the strand was practically translucent. I was able to pull a piece and break it off with the back, or eye, of a needle. If a piece had not hung out so I could pull it away from the skin it would have remained there. These hairs are hard to break without a sharp object. Perhaps soaking your foot in water will also dissolve the hair.

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