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Scared to death for foot surgery, support if you can.

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Loretta Ann M, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Loretta Ann M

    Loretta Ann M New Member

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    I broke my foot last week. I believe it is lisfranc. There will be one probable fusion and two others that shoud not need it. I am going to the Foot and Ankle Institute in Baltimore. They seem rated so well, I am sure they are the best. I am terrified as the doctor told me it is going to be the worst pain ever and he guarantees I will be cursing his name. He said the pain would be excrutiating after the nerve block wears off, and the first few days will be severe pain. I have a low tolerance, and don't know how I am going to deal with this. Can someone who went through foot surgery please help me. I am on the verge of just cancelling, but I have a two year old! I don't want to be crippled forever with her. I am not in a lot of pain right now. Haven't tried to put weight on the foot. Pretty much just stuck with my foot elevated. Thanks for any help you can give me. I am really frightened and panicing.
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Don't be scared, if it's broken you need to go ahead and get it fixed. I have had 5 major foot operations and all my pain was managed brilliantly with the prescribed painkillers. By the time the blocker wears off the oral pills will have taken effect. Just take as prescribed and don't wait for the pain to develop and you will be fine, just keep elevated as much as possible and it will help everything settle.
    Good Luck!
  3. lerin57

    lerin57 Guest

    I had sinus surgery in 1993, and again in 1997. I thought I had gotten through bad pain, the doctors office told me this would be worst. It is really confusing me how a top doc in a top foot and ankle facility would talk like that. Thank you so much. Unforutnately, this scared feeling isn't getting better reading all the blogs about lisfrac and other foot surgeries. They look awful for people to have to go through. Thank you for writing!
  4. Ladykanner

    Ladykanner New Member

    Sorry to hear about your injury. I too am facing pretty significant foot surgery including a fusion. Mine is scheduled for April 20. I am very nervous and I think it is important to expect the worse and to be presently surprised when its not so bad. I am sure you will do great! I came to this site to find stories of others who have had major foot surgery. I would like to find that person who I can compare my experience with just to know what I am feeling is not abnormal. Does that make sense? :)
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Stay positive Loretta
    The oral painkillers you'll get are very effective. I've had bunions removed from both feet and like you was terrified before the first operation that the pain would be unbearable. It wasn't and with the second I wasn't even nervous. Set an alarm to make sure you take the tablets regularly and phase them so you're taking one or the other very two hours. I didn't need the full course provided either time.
    Good luck
  6. Interested

    Interested New Member

    Loretta: Be sure you get prescription painkillers to help with the pain.
    Let the doctor know you have a 2 year old so you want something to deal with the pain but you also need to be alert for your child.

    My pain was the worst I ever had and I have a tolerance and I was not given painkillers but was told to deal with it for a week but then it was so bad I went back and wound up with a 2nd surgery, then it was bad again and went to another doctor who did a 3rd surgery and finally...the pain started easing up. All I had to take was Tylenol which is NOT a killer of this type of pain. But we have to do what we have to do to live a normal life. It is scary but it won't last forever. Painkillers can be addicting so take only what helps you.
    Good Luck.

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