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Sever's Disease ?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Sw1, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Sw1

    Sw1 New Member

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    where does it hurt: Heel .

    how long has it hurt for : Since June 2011.(17 at the time , Now i'm 18)

    how bad is the pain: Sometimes I can't walk , It takes like 10 minutes to walk normaly.

    what where you doing when it started : I played a basketball match , And the next morning It was swollen and painfull.

    what have you done for it so far : Checked a Doctor , Told me that I have the Sever's Disease , And to avoid doing any sports for 6-12 months.

    anything relieve it : It's not constant sometimes it's worse sometimes I can't feel it , altough it's painfull when I touch it , AINS works .

    what have you been told about it so far : Well that it's a childhood disease and that I have nothing to do but wait for it to go away , Had a similar thing with my tibia when i was 14.

    is it affecting your ability to work or play sport: Yes , I can't run nor play any sports.

    do you have any other sorts of symptoms : No.

    what country you are in (different countries have different health systems; different scopes of practice of different disciplines; access to care might be different) : I'm From Romania .

    I'm just wondering if they diagnosted me corectly because from what I'm reading on the web , it's a disease that occures during 10-12. Thanks.
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  2. Sw1

    Sw1 New Member

    Anyone ? :p

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