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Something causing foot to press unevenly in shoes and cause knee issues

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Sar Bigs, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Sar Bigs

    Sar Bigs New Member


    I'm trying to get into a podiatrist or orthopedist, but I have state sponsored health insurance so I don't know how long it will take to get in and I want to see if there is anything I can do to at least not make this issue any worse.

    So, I used to skateboard a little and I spent a few months riding a kick scooter and I noticed that my left knee was kind of stiff, but I just tried to get better with stretching. I don't know if it's even related. I also broke my right 5th metatarsal 7 years ago and was on crutches with all the weight on my left leg for several weeks. I also used to run cross country, but that was over 10 years ago.

    Something like 5 or 6 months ago, I noticed the inside of my left knee was bothering me and it got to the point that putting weight of a step on it would make for a sharp pain. When I did a little investigating, I found that there was a deep worn-in area under my big toe and the pad right behind the toe. Apparently, my whole leg was turning inward and downish into the dropped area, throwing my knee half sideways and giving me a limp. I switched out for new sneakers and it was ok for a few months, but then the same thing happened. I went through a real challenge to try to get new sneakers again hoping that I would be able to wear them for more than a month or two. I ended up wearing flat sandals for a few days in the interim, the sandals had back straps and the soles are pretty thin, so it was just walking on flat for the most part. That helped a bit, so I ended up searching for some sneakers that might have some flatter insoles that wouldn't sink in as much, I briefly ended up with a pair where I was constantly sinking in toward the left big toe, it was apparently just the way they were designed, but it was only the left side. They were pretty good quality Nike running sneakers, I can't imagine that it was some bad design, just bad for whatever is going on with my foot. I switched those for some general athletic sneakers pretty quickly, these with that new "flexfoam" insole stuff. It started off well enough, but I think it's been less than three weeks and these don't show the characteristic break in of the insole, but it FEELS like it does. I think the foam or whatever is compensating for the dip? And again, my knee is starting to hurt. Also, in these shoes, and I think this might be a difference in manufacturing from left to right, but it feels like the outside joint on my left foot is kicking out when I step and rubbing against the shoe, but when actually looking at my bare feet while stepping and comparing, the left one does not appear to stick out any more than the left. (I'm really scared of developing bunions, they run in my family)

    The pain on stepping is sharp, but it has never been debilitating, though it is much worse when the gait is totally out of whack. If I'm not stepping on it, it's not really a problem, although last night, suddenly, after sitting for a while, there was a very sharp pain on every step that I almost couldn't walk on at all. Oddly, doing a set of squats and a bit of side stretching made it possible to step again with only a little pain, but when I sat down again and started touching around my knees to see if there was any odd swelling, I did notice that there was linger pain on touch where the upper and lower leg bones meet at the inside next to the knee cap. That has dulled a lot since yesterday, but has not gone away. There was a little swelling for a few days on and off over the course of this whole thing, but if there is any currently, it's very minimal.

    Somewhere around the end of the second pair of shoes, I was looking into knee valgus thinking it at least sounded like something that could be related, and I did a little bit of stretching and tried to be aware of my gait, but while that helped for a little while, whatever is happening happened anyway. I've also been doing a set or two of somewhat wide stanced squats every few days to stretch and strengthen. I'm positive that I keep my knees supported and my legs out properly while I do them. I've noticed that a lot of my leg muscles and their matching ligaments/tendons are pretty tight. I also noticed that my left outer upper thigh/hip seems to be built up more than the right, which was surprising to me, but I figure it might have to do with the limp, though, I kind of expected that leg to be altogether weaker. I also tried to see if I was dropping my arch by spilling water on concrete and walking through it and comparing foot patterns, and it didn't look like there was an obvious drop, both feet looked comparable. I also noticed through comparison that my left big toe bends much more than the right when curled against the bottom. Also, this has gotten less pronounced, but the pad between my big and second toe is thicker, almost flat across, on the left and there is a clear divide on the right.

    I have googled every single version of what's going on that I can fathom but nothing seems to quite get there and I don't know what to do about constantly destroying my sneakers and having my foot/knee be messed up. I want to start doing more working out soon too so I want to be able to wear good sneakers for that again, without destroying them or my leg.

    Any ideas about what in the world is happening would be so greatly appreciated and any advice about what to do to at least keep this under control for a while would be amazing.
    I thank anyone who might be able to help out and obviously would be more than happy to clarify anything. I hope that history was useful though. I'm from coastal south-west Connecticut in the US if that's pertinent.

    Seriously, thank you so much

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