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Stabbin pain in pinky toe

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    I was walking the other day and began having slashing/stabbing pain in right pinky toe, it ocurred when walking down a sloped curb, it was so intense that I had to stop walking and just standing there still for one minute, then walking carefully home, when I got home I removed shoe and socks and found a patch of red and somewhat swollen skin right in the union of my first and 2nd phalanx, in the site where a bunionette would normally form (though I dont have that) but the pain was gone, there only remained a kinda burning sensation in the spot and a sore to the touch interphalangeal spot, I went to podiatrist and he said I had a sore pinky toe because of pressure from ill fitting shoes, so I am wearing now crocs.

    My question is, after 5 days the red skin patch still remains in the lateral aspect of pinky toe, and I find it has a constant burning pain (very faint) like neurogenic pain, also, if I rub my skin in that area it burns but when I rub the skin in the area lateral to interphalangeal join in the pinky toe for about 5 seconds I get a slashing horrible burning like pain unlike anything I've had! Also If I wear my normal shoes again after taking some steps /specially in downward slopes) I get that horrible slashing pain that stops me dead in my track!

    Please help! could this be a neuroma in the pinky toe caused by pressure from shoe?
    should I get a cortisone shot? the red skin remains red...

  2. FootDoc

    FootDoc New Member

    What you should get is a hands-on examination by a podiatrist or other appropriate medical professional. Only then could appropriate advice likely be given. Such is not available through a forum. I see no value in jumping to any treatment conclusion until it is know what is being treated.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I know, I DID go to a orthopaedic surgeon who referred me to podiatrist, he said I have an injury that came from excessive pressure in that part of my feet because of tight fitting shoes, I asked if it could be a neuroma and he said that neuromas dont develop in that part of the feet, but my pain tells otherwise, it is slashing and so strong I have to stop dead on my tracks until it goes away! it is sudden and electrical like, I have read around the forum and I can tell it may be a neuroma, its been 6 days and the skin is still red and the pain hasnt subsided even though I am wearing wide toe box comfy shoes and applying ice, elevation, naproxen, etc.

    I know this is not medical advice, but just suggestions, I read the disclaimer, abnd I respect that, so I am only asking, in your experience, what do you think this could be?
    have you seen anything like this before?
  4. Jammin'InCrocs

    Jammin'InCrocs New Member

    I think that a medical forum is a great place to learn and share so the patient can be informed when the get to the MD.
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I am having the same symptoms as described. After running 6 miles in new running shoes I developed redness and pain over the lateral aspect of my pinkie toe. Its been 3 weeks now and the pain has only gotten worse. Fortunately it does not radiate out of the are but it does feel like a raw nerve pain with any pressure to that area. Palpating it ... It feels like a little nodule that can be moved side to side ...extremely sensitive. Initially padding the toe w a band aid or coban helped but not any more. Any suggestions for diagnosis and of treatment would be appreciated.
  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    The pain I feel is more of the pain were it feels your putting pressure on a vein or something like that. It started when I was wearing Court shoes and when I switched back to Tennis shoes the pain didn't happen as much as in the court shoes, but it subsided a bit after a while. Why does it feel like it is still there in my right pinky toe?
  7. I personally have a pain on the outside of my right pinky toe and its almost parallel to what what your pain sounds like. I Believe it was caused by ill fitting shoes especially when running or hiking and also because i just started do intense lower body exercises. So i went to a podiatrist last week and told he took an x-ray and told me that my forefoot is too flexible and there was a fluidy-sack(bursitis) so i was given a anti-inflammatory shot in the area. He also said this was caused due to the way i pronate. I tend to step outward with my foot rather than perfectly forward. I would recommend looking into pronation and examining how you stand, walk and run. Be conscious of every aspect. Also my feet have become flat(fallen arches) and this also causes me to underpronate. I am going to return to have custom orthotics made.

    Side note: i went to a different podiatrist a few months ago and he took and x-ray and a songram to prove there was no nerve problems and recommended i get custom orthotics, so i did. The only problem was he didnt tell me too much details such as how i was underpronating and now almsot 3 months later with his custom orthotics that he modified once because i felt different pain along with the original pain. So last week i went for a second opinion and hopefully with my newfound information the problem will be solved.
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I've been having a stabbbing pain in my pinky toe and last night i walked on it and it started to burn badly.So i talked to my dad about it and he said it could be DIABETES.. is it true??
  9. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I also have this same burning pain with redness in my pinky toes and the ends of my big toes! I have seen two different Podiatrists about it. One told me to wear Orthaheels to get the weight back off of my toes. The other told me to journal my pain for two months. :( Nothing helps.
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    i bought some new tennis shoes (Dr.Scholl's) and just a few days later my pinky toe on the left side started having stabbing pain,turn red,ect.however the right side is just
    find so i felt the inside real well and their seems to be a rough spot on the left inside where my little toe is red ,sore ect.so i am taking the pair back and getting a new pair and checking them out a lot closer before i buy and take them home then waiting a week or so to let me little toe heal before i start wearing them...
  11. Tifaney

    Tifaney Guest

    Hello all. A few years ago I noticed pain on the outer edge of my right pinky toe any time I wore closed shoes. I'm usually a flip flop kind of girl. There was some redness as well as a small, hard bump there. I went to a podiatrist, who thought a small cyst had formed. I had it removed in the office with local anesthesia. When it was sent to pathology, it came back a neuroma. The podiatrist was very surprised. He told me in 27,000 patients, he had never seen a neuroma in that location before.
    I did not have constant pain or any burning. The only time it really bothered me was wearing shoes. If there was any pressure against that toe at all, it was pretty unbearable.
    I hope this helps answer some questions. I know a neuroma is possible in that location, but sometimes it takes having it removed and sent to a lab for proper identification.
  12. Dre

    Dre Guest

    Of course not. Diabetes symptoms are not even related to that trust me look it up
  13. San Jose Podiatrist

    San Jose Podiatrist New Member

    Believe it or not...you can actually fracture your toe just by walking - this would be for patients with weakened bones or some other metabolic issues. There are several tendons in the area, ligaments, and nail bed. One other consideration is referred pain from a source somewhere else in foot. DIABETES can actually pain as well...typically this would involve some sort of infection - diabetics need to check their feet daily - it can actually cause the opposite effect of pain - significant numbness! This is due to severe damage from glucose or sugar in the blood attaching the the nerves - glycolsylation!
  15. Hi
    The pain you are feelling in the little toes is probably caused by bursitis. When you stress this area with ill fitting shoes or supination the bursar swells and irritates the nerves around those little toes. I have the same proble, a well made pair of orthotics and a stiff running shoe like mazumo wave may assist you in eliminating this pain. Note I find that wearing runners that are too high in the Gel in the soles can cause instability. You need a stiff sole like mazumo. hope this helps
  16. Rosey3564

    Rosey3564 Guest

    Yes it could be , I have Diabetes and have nueropathy , I have the burning in my pinky toe for about a week on and off , Dr perscribed Gamapentin 100 mg 3 x a day , just took one see if it subsides .

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