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Still turning blue and purple post healing

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Nov 23, 2011.

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    I broke my 2nd metatarsal (V shape, complete break near cuneiform) 8 weeks ago. Doc confirmed break has healed. However, whenever I put my foot down, it swells and turns red, blue and purple. The rainbow disappears when the foot is elevated. The PT exercises (self-directed, Doc ordered) started yesterday. There is *no* way I can stretch the ankle/achilles. There is too much pain in the front of the ankle to allow the angle/weight necessary. Only x-rays and palpitation have been used thus far. Immobile, no weight bearing, UNNA boot short cast 6.5 weeks, ACE bandage 1.5 weeks. RICE therapy. Why is my foot turning colors when not elevated? Do I have another soft tissue injury not yet detected? All help deeply appreciated. Concerned in Indiana
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    I thought more detail may be helpful. The break was the result of traumatic injury. I was in an auto accident (left foot had the clutch jammed to the floor during impact at approx 35 MPH). Felt and walked fine after crash. 3 hours later, stepped off my horse off balance and the snap my foot made was heard 50' away. Severe pain, weight bearing impossible. Waited to talk to ER Doc 6 hours who (after viewing X-ray) said may be 2nd metatarsal break, perhaps soft connective tissue pulled part of the bone away from the rest of the bone. Navicular appeared unaffected. I was splinted to the knee, told to take naproxen, RICE and see podiatrist in a week.

    DPM looked at hospital x-ray, said complete V fracture of second metatarsal. Foot/ankle/toes VERY swollen. Bruising of toes, bottom of foot, (arch and instep to inside ankle bone). Break close enough to joint she promised arthritis in future. Treatment as in orig post. Healing of break determined via x-ray, palpitation.

    PT ordered was writing alphabet, toe curls, rubbing opposite calf with injured foot, and achilles stretch. Also start walking slowly/bearing weight slowly.

    Mechanics of walking are impaired - stabbing pain in ankle (navicualr area) does not allow for heel-to-to flexion without severe pain. Flat footed, bearing some weight walking is painful in same area. Entire foot and toes remain swollen to varying degrees at all times. If foot is allowed down (standing, sitting upright in chair, foot resting lightly on floor) it gets colorful immediately. Colors deepen with duration of standing/sitting. Colors fade when foot is re-elevated.

    Sometimes, it feels as if it is very hot - so I ice it again. Other times it feels normal. There remains a very dark bruise on the bottom of my foot (I assume from bone bleeding?). All other bruising cleared. The ball of my foot feels too thick when I out it in the floor. Foot seems to roll to the outside rather than sit properly on the floor.

    I am not diabetic, have never had circulatory problems. Losing 30 pounds would be good.

    I plan on continuing the PT my DPM ordered for a week. If no improvement, I will call (she is hoping to dismiss me after 3 weeks of PT). I am not seeing PT (no insurance).

    I ride, train and work with horses for a living and *really* need this foot to heal properly. I am seeking intelligent conversation from those smarter and more exprerienced. I am 51 years old and this is the first bone I've broken. All responses are deeply appreciated. If there is the possibility of a secondary injury (DPM on vacation since PT started) that the PT would exacerbate, I would very much like to know.
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    My wife has the same condition now that after she broke her ankle. Did you alll find out what happened. Can you all please tell me what happened?

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