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Sudden pain on the top of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by lawsensmom, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. lawsensmom

    lawsensmom New Member

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    I woke up this morning and felt just fine. Had a relatively quiet weekend with no abnormal activity. Within about 90 minutes of waking up I suddenly had a lot of pain on the top of my left foot. At first it felt like I'd suddenly pulled a muscle however I hadn't done anything to pull one. The pain was quite intense and it was hard to walk on. About 20 minutes later it seemed to have disappeared however returned just as fast. I was working today, on my feet, and the pain gradually became worse. I described it to a co-worker as a throbbing as if there was in infection deep in the top of my foot. It felt bruised to the touch. Slightly swollen in one area about the size of a quarter.By the time I got home this evening the pain seemed to be getting worse by the minute. I've been sitting for a few hours with the foot raised. The pain it intense and throbbing. My toes and back of the ankle now feel tingly and the pain is somewhat radiating up my leg. Again, a feeling of infection sort of. I've been icing it for the past 30 minutes and have taken 2 advil. The pain does seem to be subsiding some however is still very much there. I'm debating a trip to the clinic as at this rate I'm sure I won't be getting a wink of sleep tonight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nora

    nora Guest

    I am having the same problem. Did you ever find out what it was?


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