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Sudden sharp pain in ball of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Helen, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Helen

    Helen Guest

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    I wonder if anyone may be able to give me some advice relating to a foot injury I sustained last week whist walking the dog. We had been out for about an hour, no pain at all and once out of the park walking on pavements again I took a step and had a searing pain in my left foot. I actually thought it was cramp as it was so sudden but it eased when I took the weight of my foot, and re-occurred with each step when pushing off with my toes.

    I hobbled home and left it to heal for a week as it caused no pain apart from whilst walking, and as I work from home it is simple for me to rest and ice. However, now a week down the line there is no change, very painful to walk on, slightly swollen with no redness but not overly painful to touch and at rest there is no pain. I can also stand flat on my feet without any pain (slight discomfort from the swelling) but no sharp pain until I walk.

    I visited my GP who suggested it sounded like a stress fracture (March Fracture) and advised me to go to a local Minor Injury Unit or A&E to get an Aircast so I would be able to continue walking correctly - I am currently twisting my foot to avoid pressure on the ball of my great toe. He advised me there was no need to rest - just continue as normal and it will heal in 3-6 weeks.

    Today I went to my Local Minor Injury Unit today to see if I could get the Aircast he suggested as I have no footwear I think is suitably supportive. They decided to x-ray my foot and said there is no sign of a fracture, however they advised me they rarely show up until 10-14 days after the injury. They were not able to give me an Aircast or anything to ease walking apart from a single crutch which does not prevent me from flexing the ball of my foot to walk. The nurse I saw suggested I may have Gout though. I have researched the symptoms and as I don't have any redness or heat on the joint, and it is not overly painful to touch I am not 100% sure about this potential diagnosis. I am a 30 year old female, not overweight, healthy diet only a couple of glasses of wine a week (!) - it doesn't seem to fit - but I suppose I cannot rule it out. She is the professional after all.

    My question really, is should I be resting or walking and does anyone think it would be worth my while purchasing an Aircast to walk with. I think my next port of call will be a podiatrist if the pain doesn't ease in a couple of weeks, as I realise diagnosis via internet is not possible - however any advice would be gratefully received.
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I would look up sesamoid pain and see if you feel that fits your symptoms more than gout. I have previously had sesamoid injuries and what you are describing sounds similar.

    It is very difficult to heal though I'm afraid.
  3. Helen

    Helen Guest

    Thank you for the reply, I think I may have done something sesamoid related having looked up the symptoms. It almost felt like something clicked or popped out of place at the time and having researched Gout even more none of my symptoms fit apart from the fact it is affecting my big toe! Next step, podiatrist - hopefully for an accurate diagnosis...
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    It is likely a stress fracture, possibly of the sesamoid bone.

    I've had a sesamoid fracture getting worse steadily for 6 years.

    Suddenly (and quite unexpectedly) I managed to get a complete heal simply by cycling on a stationary bike every day (for about 45 minutes) over several months.

    Cycling realigns the leg as well as heals the sesamoiditis bone itself.

    I think the reason sesamoid bone fractures never seems to heal completely is that the leg will automatically 'un-align' itself in order to alleviate toe pan.

    If you decide to try cycling, make sure to use a shoe that will not cause re-injury. This is the problem that affected me for very years (all the shoes I tried didn't stop a re-injury). Also when cycling, make sure the big toe is 'glued' to the other toes.

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