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Sudden Swelling on ball of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    The morning after doing hurricane cleanup in the yard, on very uneven, storm littered ground, I woke up with the ball of my right foot swollen; not terribly painful but sore. When I went to bed the night before it hadn't been bothering me. With the sudden swelling I thought at first I must have been bitten by a spider during the night. But no bite mark. It seemed to improve after 2 days and I went back to a normal activity, but the next day the swelling was back when I got up. After a week of no improvement I went to my regular podiatrist (I have heel spurs) and he did a thorough physical exam and had me walk for him without shoes. I told him if feels like there's a lump in the ball of my foot. I especially feel in when on a hard surface without shoes, (ex: the shower). The swelling is not underneath the big toe but concentrated more in the middle behind my 3rd and 4th toes. No burning feeling and I hadn't been having a problem with this part of my foot prior to the morning I woke up with this problem. He thinks it may be a small rupture of the plantar near my toes. He sent me home with no real plan or idea of when it would improve. After 2 more weeks with no improvement and the discomfort increasing, I went back for an X-ray - which ruled out a fracture. He said I need to be patient and suggested I try contrast bath for the swelling and put inserts in my shoes that will lift the metatarsals. Also gave me exercises to stretch the muscles.
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was your diagnosis? My doctor admits he isn't sure.
  2. SharonH

    SharonH New Member

    I've registered since posting my above question and would welcome any insight from those who have experienced a similar foot problem. The doctor also said it's possible I have a cyst but he didn't pursue any test to confirm this. What type of test would confirm a cyst?
  3. SharonH

    SharonH New Member

    I know many people who come to this site have been to see a podiatrist. Is it common for them, after a couple of visits, to still not be able to make a definitive diagnosis?

    When I visit my GYN he usually figures out the problem on the 1st visit. Are feet problems much harder to diagnosis? :confused::D
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I am having the same problem. I am on the internet now trying to figure out what is going on. My problem seems to be identical to what you describe. I have had this for about 8 days.It is getting better. I have already change the inserts in my shoes. I have been trying to stay off me feet as much as possible( this is can go on for just so long). I am also using a special insert in the right side of my foot. It is like a metatarsal support for the store. I place it on the side of the first and second toe, so that when I walk, I put more pressure on the insert,rather than the knot. Also, I have found if I place a hard plastic insert over the knot(wrap it)when I go to bed, it helps prevent swelling overnight. Icing 3 times a day helps too.Keep posting. Maybe we can figure this out. I did have a this problem or similar problem 34 years ago. The Podiatrist put inserts in my shoes and it went away.
  5. SharonH

    SharonH New Member

    An online Podiatrist recommended I have a diagnostic ultrasound to check for any soft tissue damage he said possibilities include:
    Plantar plate tear;
    Tendinopathy or tenosynovitis.

    I have an appointment with a new podiatrist for Monday morning. My foot is no better and it's been 30 days. I even stayed home from work this past week and rested it with no improvement. It's actually getting worse.

    I recommend going to a podiatrist if it's been a week with no improvement. Good Luck!
  6. SharonH

    SharonH New Member

    Went to the appointment with the NEW podiatrist this morning. He did an ultrasound and I have Tendinitis under the 3rd metatarsal. Most likely brought on by walking on the storm strewn ground in old tennis shoes for 2 days. He prescribed 2 weeks of an anti-inflammatory and wants me to purchase stability Neutral shoes.
    I'm going to follow his advice and I sure hope he's right.

    @Unregistered who posted on Oct 1st - I tried icing it and it didn't relieve the swelling at all. It felt good - but no reduction in swelling. I hope you're feeling better now:)
  7. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi There,

    Woke up this morning earlier than normal with swelling pain in ball of foot, also about 3 to 5th toe along, quite uncomfortable. Yesterday I wore workboots in the garden followed by sneakers in the arvo / evening, nothing new or unusual and no pain.

    This morning I awake to same issue you are describing which I can feel by walking barefoot on any surface, carpet or tiles...

    Never had this before in my life, I am 38 years old and male.

    Hmm..might have to visit the podiatrist....
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    My symptoms started 8 weeks ago now. The symptoms go away briefly the come back without warning. The balls of my feet get under the thick ball of the feet. I tape it, stretch my calves, roll a frozen bottle, roll a ball on the bottom of the foot, wear the fancy recommended shoes, take prescription anti-inflammatory, purchased superfeet, and increased my vitamin D and calcium which in the end has not made a difference. The doc diagnosed neurons and plantar fasciitis without any broken bones. The recommendation is patience and start riding a bike for exercise. No running, no golf, no hiking just limit use of the feet as much as possible. This sucks! Are there any tips to help improve the healing process?
  9. hopper

    hopper Guest

    My 15 year old son has had the same pain and swelling in ball of foot for a week. I took him into a general doctor and she was very helpful. She told him to ice 3 times a day and wrote a prescription for a stronger ibuprofen for the swelling. She also scheduled him for an ultrasound that will really show what is going on. If it's what she thinks, a long word that begins with "m", then he may need an injection in that area. Otherwise, she said that orthodics can also help. The main thing is to have the ultrasound done, not an x-ray, so we can see what's going on. I would recommend bypassing the podiatrist and going to a physician. He just went in yesterday, so haven't seen much improvement yet. Hope this helped! OH, just remembered that she thought it sounded like a benign tumor on the nerve and an ultrasound would show that.
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  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have just visited my doctor for the same thing. (No pain, just a numb feeling and very swollen). Just suddenly appeared yesterday morning.
    My doctor doesn't have a clue what it is, told me to leave it a few days and return if no improvement, then he will arrange blood tests and ultrasound
  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Yes, that happened to me yesterday morning and again this morning. swelling on the ball on my right foot. seems to go away during the day.Had just finished rounds of golf on Thursday and Friday. My golf shoes perhaps, but doesn't sound like it, from hearing about others. Could be combination of wear and tear and older age starting to settle in. I will try the ice for now. Bar
  12. Suzello

    Suzello Guest

    I have the exact same issue, I was absolutely fine one minute, I was just relaxing watching the tv and when I stood up the ball on my foot felt uncomfortable. I thought there was something in my sock so took it off to investigate and realized the ball of my foot is swollen, just under my 3rd toe. It's not painful just feels weird. If anyone knows what this may be please let me know!
  13. Mayhmmaydn

    Mayhmmaydn Guest

  14. Mayhmmaydn

    Mayhmmaydn Guest

    It can also.be a symptom of Diabetes mellitus... diabetes 2.
  15. Poddoc1

    Poddoc1 Guest

    Pain in the ball of the foot can be a torn plantar plate. The plantar plate is a structure that connects the metatarsal to the phalanx. The metarsals are the "knuckles" of the foot and you put a lot of weight on them and the structure under them, the plantar plate. There is not much that can done for these and they should be rested and iced to reduce the swelling. The toe can be taped down. When the plantar plate is torn the toe can float up and the plantar plate can heal longer than pre inury and this creates a hammertoe. Plantar plate injuries cannot be diagnosed by x-ray because they are soft tissue and only bone shows up on x-ray. One diagnostic test is to try and lift the toe upward relative to the foot and this will really make it hurt. Of course none of you may have a plantar plate injury because no one can diagnose a problem over the internet.
  16. Same issue as the rest of you. I've seen three different podiatrists. First x-rays, then ultrasound then x-rays again and finally an MRI. All bones, tendons, muscles and even planter plates look normal. It's been 2 months since a hand truck whacked me across the top of my foot. 3 days later, after playing in the pool I got out and I couldn't walk barefoot on hard a hard surface. Now 2 months later I can't go barefoot period. My doctors don't know what it is and so far it's not getting better. Mornings are the worse. I've been doing all the above, ice, padding, shoe inserts etc. I too stepped on a rock wearing thin Crocks in the wrong place and its been worse since. I'm not overweight, very fit 6"3" 165 Lbs. male. Yoga is now very difficult to do. I wonder if my yoga practice is partially to blame.. There will be no downward dog for me for a long time I'm afraid. Seams weird no one knows what this is.
  17. Tom’s

    Tom’s Guest

    I have been experiencing the same feeling only in the heel of my foot. I walk at least a mile and a half every day, weather permitting. No pain, just wake up the next day with a swollen heel, in my right foot. Very uncomfortable to walk without slippers on. Thinking that I need a better support shoe? Seems that there should be an answer to this issue. Does anyone get this feeling in their heel?
  18. Sergio

    Sergio Guest

    Same with me. Absolutely no pain, just a weird sensation of walking with a big bubble within the ball of my right foot. I had been running every day, even with this sensation; however, 8 days ago, as I was running, I felt intense pain on my foot. It immediately got very swollen, and now, even with ice, acupunture, ointments, anti-inflammatories, whatsoever, the pain seems to be slowly going away, but the bubble remais, especially when I wake up in the morning.

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