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Surgery-remove both sesamoid bones?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by GSD16, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. GSD16

    GSD16 New Member

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    Hi. I am wondering if anyone has ever had both sesamoid bones removed and if so what to expect recovery wise and how your foot is doing fully recovered.

    Long story I've bad pain under ball of foot about 14 years, Dr brushed it off when I first brought it up as my toe looked normal. I have high pain tolerance so just dealt with it. It got progressively worse and my current Dr (diff one than before) referred me to foot specialist. After x rays, time in boot, NSAIDs, I finally had an MRI. Unfortunately it showed both sesamoid bones are dead, there is zero blood flow to them and they are completely black on MRI.

    I've been given 2 choices. Surgery or deal with pain until I reach my tolerance point and then do surgery. The pain has gotten really bad so I've scheduled surgery for next spring. The best option seems to be surgery from top of foot, removal of dead sesamoid bones and then fusion of big toe joint to prevent deformity.

    I am not a competitive runner or athlete so I'm not concerned about not being able to do serious level sports. I just want to walk normal, run around playing with my son and not have pain all the time. My Dr told me it is incredibly rare what I'm dealing with and I've just been trying to read up and educate myself but having a hard time finding much out there information wise. Unfortunately surgery really isn't avoidable for me :(
  2. Kim9

    Kim9 Guest

  3. Sara

    Sara Guest

    I'm going through a similar situation. 30 years old and I have had both tibial sesamoids removed, but now I have swelling starting around the inner bone. That will most likely have to come out as well. Not asking to run marathons, just work and walk without pain.
  4. poddoc

    poddoc Guest

    When you look at the insole of your shoe is there an area dug out of the insole right where it hurts? This would indicate high pressure in that region. If you have this an orthotic can be made to reduce the pressure in that region.
  5. KH2020

    KH2020 Guest

    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that you need both removed. Unfortunately, I can't offer advice on both, but I did have my lateral sesamoid removed 7 years ago. It was such a good decision. I still have occasional pain and stiffness, but NOTHING like the pain I was suffering. The doctor said when he removed my sesamoid it came out crumbled and in pieces. I also had to have my tendon sutured, because my toe was drifting after the bone was removed. Recovery was 8 weeks in a walking boot. The first 2 weeks sucked. Swelling persisted for probably close to a year. Within 3 months I was back to doing most normal activites. Top of the foot surgery is a good choice. I had that as well and I've heard horror stories about healing when through the bottom of the foot. Unfortunately, the reason I'm on this board now is because I just got a diagnosis of a fractured lateral sesamoid on the other foot. Here we go again! Good luck with everything. I don't think you'll regret not waiting for the surgery.

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