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Swelling post-op

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Elizabeth Brown, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Elizabeth Brown

    Elizabeth Brown New Member

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    i am over 8 weeks post-op from repair of a distal 5th metatarsal fracture performed for non-union. At my 6 week check, I was told healing had begun and I could now begin weight bearing in a tall boot. I also began ankle strengthening exercises. I ambulated mostly without any discomfort but I notice mild swelling at the end of the day or
    Even when I wake in the morning primarily medial to the incision site. My 5th toe and distal lateral sole also feels slightly swollen. Anyone know if swelling at this stage is still expected despite the fact that I have minimal pain when I ambulated? I have another follow up in about 10 days with my doctor.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Active Member

    It probably too early to be overly concerned about it at this stage.

    Move it a lot; mobilise the joints of teh foot with your hands as much as you can; exerice it, move it.

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