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Swollen foot with extreme pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by kaosxlit, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Unregistered Guest

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    I can't even begin to explan the pain I'm in. This is the second time my foot has flared up and the cause is unknown. The first time the ER, thought I was crazy and insisted I had to have hurt my foot in some way an would not take " I went to bed and woke up with a swollen painful swollen foot" after trays and pain mess I was sent home. 2 days later I received a phone call from the hospital my xrays were miss read and. I indeed had broken a small bone in my foot. It took a good 6 weeks to heal but how I broke it was never discovered. 3 weeks ago my foot swelled and hurt like it had when it was broken. I didn't rush to a Dr. thinking they would just say it was broke again. But after 3 weeks of pain I broke down and went to be seen. Again with no injury, I had no explanation as to how or why my foot hurt and this time the pain was Sharp and radiating to the point of tears. The xray taken said " negative" so I was sent home with pain meds.and a Dr. Saying I had a bruised foot. I'm so frustrated, how do you bruise without injury and no black and blue mark. As much as I dis like pills I took them as fast as I could but the pain hardly subsided. In fact I felt high and my foot still hurt. So here I am, on pain meds with my foot up, in pain , and not knowing what the cause is or who to see next. Also thank you all for sharing your stories, at least I know I'm not alone.
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    Unregistered Guest

    The pain literally started for me two nights ago again.

    Twenty-three years old, obese male with same symptoms. I've dealt with the pain in my right foot, usually along the right side and within the center. The only way I can walk without grasping onto something is by curling my foot downward and focusing the weight as far onto the left-most side as I can manage. The pain and light swelling also comes out of nowhere for me.

    My weight makes me worry it might be a diabetic symptom, but I've had this issue for longer than I was tested for diabetes, and my results came back negative. Perhaps it's my weight taking its toll after stressed physical activity, but I don't think so. I perform everyday physical activity just the same as every other day, and having the same foot fall prey to this excruciating pain randomly throughout the year just doesn't make any sense.

    X-Rays came back negative last time I had it checked out. Exchanged an overall useless doctor for a new one recently, so maybe he'll have more luck finding my problem.

    Good luck to everyone else with this problem.
  3. superbond

    superbond New Member

    My feet have been okay for a few months now and I am not looking forward to when it comes back.I have been useing orthitics for the past four months.I'd like to say that it cured me but I'm not sure yet maybe I can say that if I don't get a flare up in the next year or so!
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have been getting the same problems now for about
    4 yrs. Comes and goes, the original problem was diagnosed as
    Kohlers disease, which was funny because usually occurs in kids under
    12 and I was 23 at the time. So i was a extremely rare case. There
    Is no cure for it, you can have surgery but is very risky and no
    Guarantee to fix the problem.
    Basically its not enough blood getting to the navicular bone in your foot
    And has made the bone very brittle so it flares up in the symptoms very
    similar to all that has been talked about here.

    Hope this helps
  5. Brave Dave

    Brave Dave Guest

    Similar problem...
    I take 3 tablespoonfulls of Eniva Flex
    (Liquid Glucosomine/chondroitin)
    3 times / day on empty stomach

    I could barely walk at it's peack.
    Now about 95% of the pain is gone.
    I can now walk without limping...even run.

    Hope this info is helpful.
  6. Correction:
    Eniva Flex
    That's one Tablespoonfull, 3 times / day
    on an empty stomach
  7. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hello. I am new to this thread. For over a month I have had swelling in both feet and ankles (due to some diabetes and/or thyroid RX I am now taking).

    The edema (swelling) is uncomfortable to say the least. But the excruciating pain I feel is ridiculous. I think that the two are unrelated. I only have extreme pain in the right foot.. on top of the foot, near the base of the toes, center top of the foot and for the past couple of days... from the base of the big toe almost towards the ankle and a bit in the arch.

    This same thing happened 3 yrs. ago to my left foot. After several visits to the doctor, and getting the "deer in the headlights" stare from my primary doctor, I went to a podiatrist. The podiatrist did initial x-rays again and then ordered a MRI.

    Turned out I had edema IN THE BONE (bone-marrow edema). This swelling in the bone was causing my bones to fracture from the inside out. No one could tell me what caused this. At the time I was not taking any RX that was noted to cause any kind of edema.

    I had to wear a "boot" walking cast for several weeks which was so hard on my back and really didn't help my foot at all. Those walking casts have absolutely no foot support whatsoever! The next thing the podiatrist did was bind my foot in order to take the pressure off of the nerves that were being effected and causing the pain.

    I wore the binding for 5-days, bagging my foot while bathing and it never bothered me again. Amazing.

    Due to not being employed right now, I am taking the steps required by the county medical assistance that I am receiving and have just a few days ago received my initial x-rays. Hopefully the next step will be podiatrist as I can't even think right now because the pain is really bad.

    The best thing I've found (for me, at least) and was advised during my previous episode, is to get a supportive shoe (athletic) and wear the shoe. Going barefoot just causes the foot to have no support whatsoever. I don't usually even wear shoes in my home, but have been doing so for the past month as it really helps.

    Hope this can may be help some of you. And, by the way, once they saw the edema in the bone they thought I might have had leukemia. So then I went through a battery of blood tests weekly for several weeks and by the Grace of God, the tests came back negative. Was worth all the tests to get that negative result.

    On another positive note... the foot pain is so severe I don't feel any of my other aches and pains from previous injuries.. lol
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have the same symptoms and the doc has given me antibiotics, anti inflametories, water tablets, uric acid tablets, you name it I have had it, with no change. have you finally found a cure???

    My wife has had the same problems and issues posted. For two years every doctor we spoke with said, a lot of the same things, Gout, sprained ankle,tendinitis, diabetes and the list gos on. We finally found a Doc that sent her to a Vascular specialist. They found issues with the veins in her legs and they called it "Vein Reflux". After blood is pumped down your leg, the veins return blood to your heart. The veins have little valves in them, to keep the blood from going back down between heart beats. With Vein Reflux the valves are not working/closing all the way so, blood ends up pooling in your foot. She is scheduled for surgery.

    I hope this helps.
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I suffer from all the same symptoms and am always surprised by how fast it can come and go. I have a theory that it's from too much diet soda. Do any of you folks drink diet soda I do and it seems to exacerbate the issue if not cause it.
  11. bodytalk2

    bodytalk2 Guest

    My toes turn red when standing, blue/dark purple gray color when sitting or letting my feet danlgle off a chair/stool. My feet/toes go into spasm attacks that are unbearable. My feet and ankles hurt. My Dr told me to purchase compression stockings. Spoke with a nurse who owns a store that specializes in compression stockings and she mentioned what you said about diet sodas. She said she had aspartame poison and to not drink diet sodas for a month and see what happens and to just drink water. She said her feet went back to normal color. I have not tried this yet. Instead, I went to vascular intervention Dr first who tested me for venus reflux and said that is not what I have & to not purchase stockings. My rheumotologist said I had Reynaulds Disease but gave me no information. I have done my own research on this and don't like the problems Raynaulds is associated with. Dr's tell you to stay from under stress as it causes most of a person's medical problems, but it is easier said than done in our world today. I am curious to see if anyone else had tied aspartame to my symptoms or anything else.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2012
  12. wgaila

    wgaila New Member

    Have you investigated auto-immune diseases? I have scleroderma and it causes various parts of my body to swell up. In addition, I have lately been having bouts of painful nighttime spasms in my feet and legs. My rheumatologist thinks that it may be due to low vitamin levels combined with my condition.
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had very similar pain described in several of these posts. The bottom of my foot near 3rd to 5th toes felt swollen, was very painful and could not bear any weight without excruciating pain. After soaking in epsom salts there was some relief. Today a chiropractor checked it and said my metatarsal bones on the top of the foot had dropped (similar to fallen arches) and were pressing on tissue and (I assume nerves) below. After she manually adjusted the foot and thumped the area with a little handheld metal device - the pain is gone!! I think the fallen metatarsal occurred when I walked quickly in a backless pair of clogs earlier this week. I'll be wearing more supportive shoes the next time I decide to power walk!
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    im in the uk...i have had a really painful left foot ,for 7 weeks..swollen and very sharp pains...as soon as i take weight of feet it feels fine ,till i moved and pain is awful...and standing up on my left foot is just a joke,affects me walking etc...and pain in toes ...havent a clue why this is happen ...right foot is just fine ....
  15. FootPainHQ.com

    FootPainHQ.com New Member

    This sounds very familiar to what I experience a couple times a year. I have been to multiple podiatrist the last few years with the same results: xrays- pain meds- rinse repeat.

    The funny thing is (or sad thing), I went to a walk in clinic this past month for the same issue and the doctor there mentioned that podiatrist would not do anything for me if it is not structural damage, meaning if my bones aren't broken they aren't fixing anything.

    The doctor at the walk in clinic was the only person that recommended I get blood work done and see a rheumatologist. At the time I had a swollen knee so I went to an orthopedic specialist and they drained my knees and sent the fluid in for tests. I also had some blood drawn to test for arthritis and gout. My blood came back ok but the fluid from me knee had some crystal formation which could be a sign of gout.

    I am finally getting to the bottom of this foot pain and the next step os to see a reheumatologist and get some further tests done. I hope this helps point you in the right direction. I have been extremely frustrated with this the past few years but I finally feel like I am getting some answers.
  16. farsighted

    farsighted Guest

    If it doesn't make somebody money it isn't important. I've had this for about 9 yrs now. It comes and goes. There seems to be 2 parts to it. One is gout for sure. If I watch what I eat, I don't get gout. I have both gout and psuedo gout. Ice cream is off the menu. But nobody knows what the swelling is and they don't care. I have people say you been to a doctor? Duh!! The pain is so bad it is beyond belief, and it isn't gout or any of the usual. A good day now is just some pain, but I can walk. I think it is the genicticaly altered foods. Thats what I think. I am in excellent health otherwise. I never use or drink diet anything. The stuff tastes bad. Since I can't run around for exercise, I do yoga and other exercises without the jumping. I pray I don't end up in a wheelchair. It is affecting the quality of my life.
  17. Donnab

    Donnab Guest

    After teaching all day I'd come home and sit down. My feet would begin to hurt and burn. The hot pain would move to my legs. It hurt so badly I'd get tears in my eyes. Advil didn't help. My doctor gave my Lyrica, but no help. My daughter's wedding was a month away and I didn't know what I was going to do. I searched the Internet every night because I couldn't sleep. I read a post that said to stop drinking diet coke. I drank about 32 oz. of diet coke each day. Also, another post said to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Well, the only way I used artificial sweetners was diet coke. I stopped cold turkey. I started noticing my feet didn't hurt as much. My feet were better for the wedding. But after 3 months of not drinking diet soda, I no longer have any foot pain and swelling. The fibromyalgia diagnosis was wrong. if you have swollen feet, burning pain, and sensitivity to touch, you may want to try it.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2012
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have all of the same symptoms people are describing minus the blood pooling symptom, anyhow to help, I was diagnosed with MORTONS DISEASE OR MORTONS NEUROMA 5 yr ago. Though I didnt like the options the dr gave for treatment, I have been extra careful to not walk barefoot, not wear thin sole shoes and my athletic shoes must be atleast a size or 2 bigger and not be tight, but wear extra socks and it goes into remission for many years, except now its back as ive been walking barefoot a lot. Hope it helps you guys. I know it a pain so bad I doubt a bullet would be more painful, but look into the disease, it has many sites online.
  19. NeedaBreak

    NeedaBreak New Member

    I'm hoping this can help some of you. I had what the doctor thought was a herniated disc after moving some groceries. The pain started in my lower back, then radiated into my leg via the sciatic nerve, but NOT my foot initially. Over a period of 8 days, the pain MOVED from a general hamstring overtightness and feeling like a broken ankle, to numbness and tingling from above my ankle to below my knee on the outside left. Still no pain in the foot. Then, I started feeling pins and needles in my foot just like the other numbness started. Gradually, the numbness and pain above my ankle cleared and the pain moved into my left foot, where it stayed and still is, 4 weeks after it started (and 6 weeks after the incident). The pain has been excruciating and feels like sun poisoning (which ironically I had in that foot about 20 years ago). An MRI of my spine was normal, but a nerve conduction study (Electromyogram) done by a neurologist showed sciatic nerve damage at the L5 nerve root. He said it should heal over a period of two months, and gave me Neurontin to help with the pain, and Ibuprofen. It helps a little and is getting better, but I still am in pain and waiting for it keep getting better. I have to think that maybe some of you may be describing the same thing. The red herring is that the spinal MRI was normal, but my history gave the neurologist the clue to look for sciatic nerve damage.
  20. marybethkonvalin

    marybethkonvalin New Member

    Oh my gosh - someone else has this too? I never know what it will hit. I call it "Popping" my foot. At times the top of my foot will swell. I've tried doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, x rays. - everything.
    I used to have plantar fasciatis and heel spurs but they are gone. After they left this pain started. It affects both feet but never at the same time. It comes much more frequently now too.

    I have to crawl from my house to my car but once I get to work I have a wheel chair and work on one level - thank goodness.

    Explaining to people gets real old. I just tell them I hurt my foot to avoid explaining the pain and the fact that i have NO idea what this is.

    elevating and ice with helps = by day two I can limp on it but it still hurts.
    It now shoots up my leg through my shins too.

    If you have any advice please contact me.


    thank you!!

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